Wine Sisterhood QR Code Scanner

Point, scan and discover the information behind the QR codes you encounter every day.

Wine Sisterhood QR Code ReaderThe Wine Sisterhood QR code scanner is so easy to use:

1. Center the QR code you want in the app. You can even turn on a light if you need it.

2. Wait a few seconds while the scanner reads the code and translates it.

3. Peruse a website, fill in a form, or respond to the content you’ve scanned however you’d like.

That’s it! Whether it is a QR code on our wine bottle labels or a QR code on a poster, brochure, sign, label, you name it, the Wine Sisterhood QR code scanner is easy to use and delivers.

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Sorry, not available for Android at this time. 


Remember the time you threw a bash and ended up with too much beer and not enough wine? Never let your friends down again!

Perfect for party-planning, the Wine Sisterhood Drink-U-Lator helps you calculate how much wine, beer and spirits you may want to have on hand for upcoming get-togethers.

To use, enter the number of guests, click on the wine icon and use the little slide thingy to tell the Drink-U-Lator the percentage of guests who will be drinking wine…50%, 100%…etc. Next, click on the beer and/or spirits icon to factor in folks who may be drinking beer and spirits, too.

Voila! The Drink-U-Lator gives you a guess-tamite on what to buy. ‘Memba, these are suggestions only and calibrated with consideration to moderate consumption guidelines, but the Drink-U-Lator may just help point you in the right direction when you’re wandering through the wine, beer and spirits aisles.

And, it is FREE. Yay! The app was developed by our friends at Mediaegg. Hope you enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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