Style / July 11, 2019

Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching. While were usually focused on all things female here at the Wine Sisterhood, this time of year we can’t forget to spoil our favorite “Wine Misters.”

Finding a gift for our favorite guys isn’t so tough when you use a little wine-spiration. Here are some creative ideas for showing dad a little extra love this month:

For the Dog Dad

This gift is for the man who puts his human children first, and his four-legged children at a very close second. Wrap up bottles of Bar Dog Red Blend, Bar Dog Pinot Noir and Bar Dog Cabernet Sauvignon with a graphic “dog dad” t-shirt that’s sure to bring on a belly laugh.

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For the Cigar Lover

Take a trip to your local smoke shop for the dad who’s a cigar connoisseur. We know there’s an awesome torch lighter or cigar case with his name on it. Wrap it up with a bottle of Cigar Zin and this man will be in heaven!

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For the Grill Master

Father’s Day and grilling season go hand in hand. From fancy meat thermometers to monogrammed branding irons, there’s something out there to fit his style. Give the gift some new grilling gadgets along with a wine that pairs deliciously with all his favorite barbecued meats, Purple Cowboy Tenacious Red and Purple Cowboy Cabernet Sauvignon.

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For the Cocktail Craftsman

Though it’s tough for us to imagine, there are some out there who don’t love wine as much as we do. When you’ve got a dad who loves his afternoon cocktail, it’s that time of the year to buy him the good stuff. Our friends at Splinter Group Spirits make Slaughter House American Whiskey, Straight Edge Bourbon Whiskey, Whip Saw Rye Whiskey and Partner Vermouth.

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