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Host an Epic Game of Thrones Watch Party

The final battle for the throne is upon us and there’s no better time to entertain. Saying goodbye to a stellar show like Game of Thrones calls for an equally stellar watch party.

Here’s how to pull together a fun Game of Thrones watch party without exerting too much energy, because it’s worth staying up late on a school night!

Pour Wine like a Lannister

We prefer Tyrion, but that’s just us.

With the motto, “Go forth. Be fearless,” Girl & Dragon wines are perfect for toasting to your favorite characters battling for the Iron Throne. Try one or all three of these fierce wines:  Girl & Dragon Malbec, Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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You can also sip on the official wine of the series, Game of Thrones Wines. Created by an award-winning winemaker and fan of the series, these wines were designed to match the strength the characters and the terrain of their kingdoms

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Make it Medieval

Set the mood with candles, lots and lots of candles. Then turn on a playlist that will get everyone pumped to watch.

Show your allegiance with DIY wall banners.

Serve drinks in goblets fit for a royal table.

Snack like a Queen

Party Appetizer Spread | Wine Sisterhood Blog

In the Seven Kingdoms, no ordinary platters will do. Find rustic, earthy elements to serve your snacks.

Skip the silverware and serve handheld food. And because it is also the season for egg decorating, pay tribute to the Mother of Dragons with beautiful dragon deviled eggs.

Create popable sausage bites that pair deliciously with Girl & Dragon wines.

Find more of our favorite hands-on snacks here.

Pull Out the Props

Greet your guests with fabulous gold crowns as they enter your palace.

Warm them up with faux fur pelts while they watch.

And don’t forget a sword or two!

Need to keep their attention while the show is on? Print Game of Thrones BINGO cards so they don’t miss a thing!

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