Entertain/Food / April 5, 2019

Sweet & Sassy Invites You to Brunch

The words “brunch” and “spring” go together like wine and glasses. You really can’t have one without the other. Middle Sister’s very own Sweet & Sassy invites you to her Springtime brunch. Since she’s hosting, we’re taking her suggestions:

Naturally, Sweet & Sassy advises that you set your table with a lavender or purple table cloth with complimentary napkins. Add a center piece of purple, lavender and yellow flowers.

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Download these fabulous Place Cards to sass up your table!

Take it outside, weather permitting.

Serve pancakes, waffles or French toast with a variety of toppings: Maple or fruit syrup, fruit compote or jam, sliced fresh fruit.

Include some savory and salty sides to compliment the sweetness of the main dishes. Have bacon, sausage or ham. YUM!

Make Moscato Sweet Tea

Brew a pot of strong black tea. Refrigerate until chilled. Pour into a large pitcher with a bottle of chilled Sweet & Sassy Moscato. Add ice, lemon slices and garnish with mint. 

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