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New Year’s Wine Resolutions

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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” — C.S. Lewis

New Year’s resolutions… everyone’s got ‘em, but how many really keep ‘em? Whether it’s more planning and less procrastinating, or finally cleaning out that Tupperware drawer, most resolutions simply aren’t much fun. This year we’re making a change. In 2018 we’re focusing our resolutions on one main topic: wine.

We’ve drafted up some ideas to get started:

Resolution: Expand our wine knowledge

From meet-ups at your local wine shop to structured wine education courses, seek out sources to learn more about wine in 2018. Organizations like the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and the Court of Master Sommeliers offer structured courses if you’re interested in official certifications.

Red Cedar Vineyard

Resolution: Explore more wine varietals

Sounds easy, but how many times do you really venture outside of your usual aisles at the wine shop? Take a stroll down a section of the wine shop that you’ve never purchased from before. Have a chat with the store attendants, let them know what you like, and let them know that you’re looking to try something new. Have an open mind when you open the bottle and enjoy the ride.

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Resolution: Join a wine club

This is a easy way to start exploring wines you’ve never tried before. Join a wine club and receive a regular shipment of wines, right to your front door. Our Wine Sisterhood Wine Club is a great place to start. Or try a club from one of our winery family, including B.R. Cohn, Viansa and Windsor Vineyards.

BR Cohn Winery Vineyards - Sonoma Insider Guide

Resolution: Travel

Because we’re always looking for reasons to plan that next trip… book your next vacation in California Wine Country! You’ll be expanding your wine knowledge, exploring new varietals and have the opportunity to join numerous wine clubs, all in one trip. California wine country is ready for you!

Sisterhood Direct Wine Tasting

Resolution: Join the wine business

Sisterhood Direct is the only direct wine service of women, by women, and for women who want access to thoughtfully crafted and curated fun-to-fine wines. Sisterhood Direct is currently accepting Social Directors who reside in California, Texas or Florida only. (Sisterhood Direct hopes to be able to assign Sisterhood Direct Social Codes to Social Directors who live in more states soon).  If you’re interested and live in California, Texas or Florida, simply complete the registration process and supply the requested information here.


Cheers to an exciting 2018!


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