Entertain/Food / December 14, 2017

Celebrate Your Sisters With Holiday Gifts You Can Share Together!

Do you remember what your sister or your bestie gave you for the holidays last year? Probably not. And she probably doesn’t remember what you got for her. Instead of giving your sisters a thing, a more memorable gift might be to give each other something you can experience together. The best memories come from good times, good food and good WINE. Of course, we are partial to activities that include WINE so we’ve come up with some fun ideas!

Take a WINE Tasting Class Together

Have fun while broadening your knowledge of WINES! Many wine shops and restaurants offer tasting classes. You can also find them at cooking schools and at community adult education programs.

Take a Cooking Class Together

Learn a new cuisine! Chances are, the class will include a WINE pairing that complements the meal. Again, these classes are offered by cooking schools and often at kitchen retailers like William Sonoma.

 Take a Weekend Trip Together

Visit a winery! Or just a nice place where you can explore the area, eat well and maybe have some WINE!

Make DIY Holiday Gifts Together

Paint WINE glasses together! Sip some wine, have some fun painting and end up with gifts for everyone! Get inspiration from our Pinterest board full of beautiful hand decorated wine glasses.

Host a Blind Tasting at Home

Place an order of a mixed case of Middle Sister online (1 penny shipping on 12 or more bottles!). Cover the bottles with wrappers and see if you and your friends can name the varietals. Make a plate of fancy cheeses and hors d’oeuvres.


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