Entertain/Food / November 29, 2017

Sweet & Savory Pie Pairings

It’s pie making season! And, December 1st is National Pie Day. Think you’ve heard that before? You might have! There’s another Pie Day on January 23rd and of course there’s National Pi Day on March 14th but, who’s counting? It’s pie day everyday isn’t it? Whether you’re having a sweet pie for dessert or a savory meat pie for dinner, we’ve got the right wines to go with your perfect slice of yum.


All through Quebec and into New England, “Tourtiere” or, French Canadian Meat Pie graces holiday tables throughout pie season. This savory meat pie is the perfect combination of pork, beef, potatoes and is lightly spiced with either Bell’s Seasoning or cloves, a debate as old as time. Another great meat pie debate – whether to serve it with ketchup. What’s not really up for debate seems to be which wine pairs best with this meaty dish. Overwhelmingly, the consensus is a nice red like Purple Cowboy Trail Boss Cabernet.


As an adventurous white wine that is fresh and fruity, with lovely notes of citrus, Girl and Dragon Pinot Grigio pairs perfectly with savory pies and onion tarts. We love this Caramelized-Onion & Gruyère Tart recipe, but feel free to pair it with your favorite savory tart.


Wine can pair well with sweet pies too. This one can stand up to a nice red like Middle Sister Rebel Red. She will bring out the flavors of both the chocolate and the pecans. Get the recipe here!


Middle Sister Sweet & Sassy Moscato is the perfect wine to accompany this luscious pie. Her sweetness and fruit forward flavors will bring out the sass in this scrumptious tart. Get the recipe here!



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