Wine 101 / August 31, 2017

Cheers to Cabernet Day!

Cheers to Cabernet Day

Cabernet Sauvignon is planted all over the world. Known for big, rich flavor, this dry wine is California’s most successful grape varietal. Due to strength of its tannins, Cabernet Sauvignon ages beautifully.

Cabernet Sauvignon infographic
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Where is the Cabernet?

Best known and grown in Napa Valley, Paso Robles and Sonoma’s Alexander Valley, California’s Cabernet Sauvignon’s win awards and renown.

Where Cabernet Grows

Grown in France, Chile, the United States, Australia, Italy, South Africa and Argentina, Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely planted red wine grape in the world.


Looking in the Glass

The color of young Cabernet Sauvignon differs from older Cabernet Sauvignon. When young, the wine is a dark ruby with a more magenta edge. As this wine ages, the color becomes less dense and the wine shows more orangey-brown coloring.  If the wine is more opaque, it can tell you it was grown in a warmer climate like California or Italy.


Flavors of Cabernet

Cabernet Sauvignon is known for having bold flavors like cherries and peppercorn. It also can surprise drinkers with a secondary flavor of green bell pepper. Oak aging can provide flavors of vanilla and tobacco. Cabernet Sauvignon is a dry wine – its tannins provide an astringency – slightly drying your mouth.

Cabernet’s Best Pairings

Clayhouse Cabernet

Thanks to Cabernet Sauvignon’s tannins, acidity and alcohol level, this wine was made to be enjoyed with food. Earthy, rustic foods, like mushrooms sauteed with garlic, pair well with Clayhouse Cabernet Sauvignon. Buy Clayhouse Cabernet Sauvignon online or find it near you.

Girl & Dragon Cabernet with cheese plate

Slow-cooked short ribs are perfection paired with Girl & Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon. Buy Girl & Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon online or find it near you.

Middle Sister Mischief Maker Cabernet

The rich, slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate cake is a classic match for our Middle Sister Mischief Maker Cabernet Sauvignon. Buy Middle Sister Mischief Maker Cabernet Sauvignon online or find it near you.

B.R. Cohn Cabernet Sauvignon

The B.R. Cohn Silver Label Cabernet Sauvignon is delicious matched with creamy cheese like Humboldt Fog. Find B.R. Cohn Silver Label Cabernet Sauvignon near you.


About the Grapes

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are small with a tough, thick skin making this grape hearty and weather resistant.  Ripening later in the season, quality Cabernet Sauvignon is grown in warm, semi-arid regions.



Cabernet Sauvignon is usually aged for 9-18 months in French oak. Cabernet Sauvignon wine ages dependably, improving into an delicious, balanced wine more than any other varietal.


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