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Love for Dad: Wines, Grilling Tips and Gadgets

Father's Day Grilling Tips

While we are all things Wine Sister around here, there is one day of the year where we take the time to say ‘thank you’ to the handsome Wine Misters in our life. Father’s Day is June 17 and we pulled together the wines, grilling tips and gadgets you’ll need to make your favorite dad grin. And to all of our dapper dads, we say ‘cheers’ to a very happy Father’s Day!

Clayhouse Cabernet with Brisket

2014 Clayhouse Red Cedar Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon – A wine created for the dad who loves an elevated grilling experience. Clayhouse Red Cedar Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon draws inspiration from Paso Robles’ western cowboy culture and delivers a more sophisticated interpretation of Cabs from the region. Try it with grilled leg of lamb or slow-smoked brisket.

Purple Cowboy Trail Boss Cabernet with Ribs

2015 Purple Cowboy Trail Boss Cabernet Sauvignon – For the dad who loves movies starring John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Randolph Scott, this wine captures the love of all things western. It’s sturdy enough to stand proudly next to a grilled Porterhouse steak, barbecued ribs and over-sized burgers.


B.R. Cohn Silver Label Cabernet with Kebabs

2015 B.R. Cohn Silver Label Cabernet – Pour this wine for the dad who loves late summer nights, throwback tunes and a great glass of wine. This wine reflects a blending of grapes grown from the B.R. Cohn Olive Hill Estate Vineyard and select North Coast vineyards. Pair it with a simple, delicious batch of marinated steak kebabs.

Grilling for Father's Day

Tips to Grilling Greatness

Prep and maintain your grill for barbeque success.

Keep your grill grates clean! At the end of grilling, while grill is still hot, brush grill with a steel grill brush and then lightly oil with a clean kitchen towel.

Avoid washing your grill grates with detergent or abrasive cleaner. Much like a good cast iron pan, your grill will form a layer of carbon and become a non-stick surface—but only if you don’t use harsh cleaners!

Essential grill tools: Long pair of heavy-duty, spring-loaded tongs, long heavy-duty spatula, long-basting brush, long-handled stiff metal grill scraping brush and a spray water bottle to extinguish flare-ups. Except for the spray bottle, commercial restaurant grade is best! Webrestaurant Store and Amazon are good on-line sources.

For either gas or charcoal/wood grills: be sure to preheat grill with lids closed for three minutes and re-oil the grill grates prior to grilling.

Thinner cuts should be placed directly over heat (direct heat grilling). Larger, thicker cuts should be cooked away from the source of heat with the lid closed (indirect heat grilling).

Handle meat a little as possible during cooking.

Great reading (and Father’s Day Gifting) about grilling and barbequing from the experts:

License to Grill by Chris Schlesinger

Franklin Barbeque: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto by Aaron Franklin

Steven Raichlen’s BBQ USA

Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way by Francis Mallmann and Peter Kaminsky


Grilling Gadgets to make Him Grin

Cast Iron Smoker Box – Great smoked flavor, using your existing grill. Genius!

Flexible Grilling Skewers – Effectively use the space on your grill with flexible, reusable skewers that hold twice as much food as traditional straight skewers.

Grill Clips – Never lose a piece of asparagus again!

Heat-Resistant Gloves – For our favorite men who love to play with fire.

Leather Apron – So dad can still look dapper while manning the grill.


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