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5 Steps to Creating the BEST Cheese Plate EVER

Holiday party season has arrived! We believe a great party must start with two things: wine and cheese.

We’re in the wine biz. We love cheese. We love wine and cheese together. So, trust us here and follow these 5 steps to creating the BEST Cheese Plate EVER:

5 steps to creating the BEST Cheese Plate EVER

1. The Cheese

Start with the basics: fresh, soft-ripened, hard and blue.

  • Fresh cheeses are young (not aged), spreadable and soft in texture. They can range from mild to tangy in flavor. Think of: Goat, Feta, Mozzarella and Burrata.
  • Soft-ripened cheeses have a white, edible rind, called a bloomy rind. Some favorites in this category include: Brie, Camembert and Humboldt Fog.
  • Hard cheeses are firm to the touch, may be aged, slightly smelly and are generally sharp and/or salty in flavor. Familiar cheeses in this category include: Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino, Gouda and Cheddar.
  • Blue cheeses are exactly that, usually veined or spotted with blue, gray or green mold throughout. They tend to be pungent and salty in flavor.  Popular blue cheeses include: Blue, Gorgonzola and Cambozola.

Consider including three different varieties of cheese and a selection of goat, sheep and cow’s milk cheeses.

2. Add Accoutrements

Liven up your cheese plate with other foods to nibble on that complement your cheese selection. Try a few from this list:

  • Fresh fruit: apple slices, raspberries, cranberries
  • Nuts: pecans, walnuts, almonds
  • Marinated veggies: olives, peppers, mushrooms
  • Bread: water crackers, toasted baguette, bread sticks
  • Charcuterie: hard salami, prosciutto, paté

3. Label the Cheese

So your guests know what they’re enjoying most! Have some extra time? Add a few flavor notes to your labels.

4. Breathe!

You and the cheese. Let your cheese rest for up to an hour before serving it. This will enhance the flavor and ensure you’re serving it at room temperature.

5. Find your Cheese Knives

Set out a knife for each cheese. Butter knives will work great with soft cheeses. Cheese planes work best with aged varieties.

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