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Fall into Harvest with Cosentino Wines

Fall into Harvest at Cosentino Winery

Indian summer or Fall? With the beautiful weather here in Napa Valley this time of year, it doesn’t really matter what you call it. In wine country, it’s harvest.


Bringing in the grapes for the 2016 vintage is hard but satisfying work. It signals the final chapter of the year’s growing season. Now, cellar season begins and the winemaking team’s efforts kick into high gear. To get all wine- geeky with a step-by-step look into every phase of the vintage, check out our Grape to Glass series.

Harvest Table Setting

Two of our favorite things about harvest are the change in the landscape and the change in the kitchen. Summer whites and brights give way to harvest golds and violets; dishes cooked quickly alfresco change to ones cooked slowly in the kitchen with delicious aromas. We decided to match two of our favorite Cosentino wines—THE Blanc and THE Red—with some of our favorite harvest dishes and fun decorating ideas.

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THE Blanc by Cosentino Winery

Suavignon Blanc is one of our favorite white varietals. It’s an extremely versatile wine with food. Since it’s usually made with very little to no oak, it’s always bright and fresh. We love Savvy-B with all dishes veggie, salad, frittatas and omelets and young, fresh cheeses— especially goat cheeses.

We’re planning to make a big batch of this Squash and Bean Minestrone this weekend. Or, we might harvest the last of our zucchini and yellow squash and whip up this yummy-looking gratin.


A hearty red blend like THE Red calls for firepits, football and cozy fall foods. If we were hosting a harvest party, we might start with this cute idea for serving chips and our favorite dips.

Harvest Party Table

And for the main course serve either this Butternut Squash and Mushroom Lasagne or Lamb & Eggplant Sheperd’s pie. We love to use Pinterest for party planning and collecting all our favorite food, wine and décor ideas. Check out our Wine Sisterhood boards on Pinterest for new harvest and entertaining pins to get your party started.

Harvest Pinterest Board - Wine Sisterhood



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