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10 Reasons to Sip with a Wine Sister Today!

Friendship Month - Get together with a Wine Sister!

Girlfriends, gal pals, girl squad – whatever you like to call your incredible inner circle of friends, this is YOUR month! While it’s something we find ourselves toasting to all year round, September is officially National Friendship Month, with National Friendship Day falling on September 18.

When it comes to celebrating, an age-old Wine Sister-saying comes to mind: “Good things start with a sip.” Sisterhood Direct is a fantastic new way to make sure you never miss a chance to get together with your girlfriends and enjoy a glass of wine.

Wine tasting parties are the perfect opportunity to grow your social circle, by encouraging friends to reach out and invite even more fabulous ladies to the group. AND, you could earn some extra money when you become a Sisterhood Direct Social Director. Read our interview with Social Director, Meryl, to learn more about what Sisterhood Direct is all about.

Remember: Sisterhood Direct is currently looking for Social Directors who reside in California, Texas or Florida only. (Sisterhood Direct hopes to be able to assign Sisterhood Direct Social Codes to Social Directors who live in more states soon).

In honor of National Friendship Month, here are our top 10 reasons to call up a Wine Sister and share a glass of wine:

Reasons to Sip with a Wine Sister

  1. Because it’s been far, far too long.
  2. You’re way overdue for a good laugh.
  3. Someone got a fabulous new job.

    Celebrate National Friendship Month with a Wine Sister
    (via Wine Sister, @girlinthevalley)
  4. You’ve got to check out that new restaurant in town.
  5. To reminisce about “the good old days.”
  6. To toast to your all-around faboulousness.
  7. Because that girls’ trip won’t plan itself.10 Reasons to Sip with a Wine Sister Today!
  8. To get all the details about her new romance.
  9. It’s time to pick your next book club title.Sip with Sisterhood Direct!
  10. You just joined Sisterhood Direct and it’s time to host a wine tasting!

Whatever the reason, we believe there’s never a bad time to call up an old friend or a new friend and meet up for a glass of wine. Happy National Friendship Month, Wine Sisters!


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