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Tips for Hosting a World-Class Sports Celebration in your Backyard

Hosting a World-Class Sports Celebration

There’s one giant world event that comes around just once every four years – and it’s happening now! You don’t have to ask these Wine Sisters twice to host a party. It’s time to celebrate!

Here are our tips for hosting an end-of-summer, sports-themed cookout!

Feed their Cravings

Feed their Cravings

Sports fans from around the world are gathered in Rio de Janeiro right now, cheering on their home country’s teams. Menu idea: meat. Check out our South American grilling ideas, then head to your local butcher or meat counter for all the necessary supplies.

Fire Up the Competition

Fire Up the Competition

Channel your guests’ competitive nature with a backyard game or two. Some of our favorites: bocce ball, cornhole and horse shoes. Bonus points: Raid your local thrift stores for medals and trophies to hand out to winners.

Set the Scene

Set the Scene

Colored rings are a good start, but you can do better than that. Decorate with flags from competing countries, create crafty Olympic torches, make green crown wreathes, or keep it simple with all things red, white and blue.

Turn on the Tunes

Create a playlist full of music from all the countries you’re cheering for. Bonus points: invite a guest who knows how to Samba!

Pour the Wine

Pour the Wine

Below is a list of wines we think will pair beautifully with the competitions happening on the world stage. All are available in our Wine Sisterhood Wine Shop and in stores near you. Contact us here and we’ll be happy to help you find them near you.

Summer Sport and Wine Pairing - Monogamy Cabernet

Monogamy Cabernet

Pair it with: Doubles Tennis

Like any good partnership, success requires calculated teamwork. Find a partner in Monogamy Cabernet. This wine just won gold at the San Francisco (89 points) International, Los Angeles International (91 points) and the San Francisco chronicle wine competitions.

Summer Sport and Wine Pairing - Girl & Dragon Malbec

Girl & Dragon Malbec

Pair it with: Fencing

Let the competitors dazzle you with lightning-fast moves in this traditional mano-a-mano sport. This winning lady, also hailing from South America, just brought home gold medals at the Critics Challenge (90 points), International Women’s Wine Competition and the Tasters Guild International.

Summer Sport and Wine Pairing - Horseplay

Horseplay Cabernet

Pair it with: Equestrian Eventing (aka. Horse trials)

Saddle up for an exciting competition full of cross-country riding and show jumping. Have a glass of Horseplay Cabernet on hand to celebrate the winners!

Summer Sport and Wine Pairing - Middle Sister Surfer Chick Sauvignon Blanc

Middle Sister Surfer Chick Sauvignon Blanc

Pair it with: Beach volleyball

Watch the sand fly as athletes dig, dive and spike! Cool off with a glass of crisp Middle Sister Surfer Chick Sauvignon Blanc.

Summer Sport and Wine Pairing - Purple Cowboy Trail Boss Cabernet

Purple Cowboy Trail Boss Cabernet

Pair it with: Cross-country Mountain Biking

Keep your eyes on the trail and your tail in the saddle as riders navigate steep trails, fast descents and obstacles. A bold sport requires a bold wine like Purple Cowboy Trail Boss Cabernet, which won double gold at both the San Francisco International and Tasters Guild International wine competitions.

Summer Sport and Wine Pairing - Tall Dark Stranger

Tall Dark Stranger Malbec

Pair it with: Boxing

Put up your dukes and cheer on your favorites as they go round for round. Pair your cheering and grilled meat with a glass of Tall Dark Stranger Malbec, with intense, handcrafted flavors.

Summer Sport and Wine Pairing - Girl & Dragon Cabernet

Girl & Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon

Pair it with: Archery

Follow competitors in this classic event of precision, strength and skill. We recommend following along with a glass of Girl & Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon, which recently won serious bragging rights, bringing home double gold (98 points) AND Best of Class/Region from the California State Fair, plus gold medals at the San Diego International (90 points) and Texasom International wine competitions.

Summer Sport and Wine Pairing - promisQous


Pair it with: Taekwondo

Experience the nail-biting excitement of this classic martial art, as athletes use their skill to defeat one another with swift strikes.  We recommend pairing your taekwondo viewing with an equally artful and intense wine, promisQous red.


Purple Cowboy Tenacious Red

Pair it with: Modern Pentathalon

Watch as competitors fence, swim, jump, run and shoot, in this all-encompassing competition. While watching, sip Purple Cowboy Tenacious Red, which recently won a shiny new gold medal from the Tasters Guild International wine competition.


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