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Have a Movie & Wine Night on National Kissing Day

Have a Movie & Wine Night on National Kissing Day

After the fireworks have faded on Fourth of July celebrations, it will soon be time to wind down and celebrate another magical holiday – National Kissing Day (#NationalKissingDay) on July 6!

Tall Dark Stranger MalbecHere’s the plan: movie, snacks, bottle of wine and ample cuddling on the couch.

And we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to celebrate National Kissing Day this year with our list of classic Hollywood actors and snacks, all paired with a wine fitting for the evening, Tall Dark Stranger Malbec.

This wine never disappoints. Tall Dark Stranger Malbec is rich, smooth and satisfying with flavors of juicy plum and berries and a lengthy finish. Shop online or find it in a store near you.

**Watch your email for a special offer on National Kissing Day, July 6, to save on Tall Dark Stranger in our online wine shop! Sign up here so you don’t miss an update.**

All of the movie and snack pairings below would pair deliciously with Tall Dark Stranger. Try these favorites this National Kissing Day:

Movie & Wine Night: Gone with the Wind

Movie: Gone With the Wind
Tall Dark Stranger: Clark Gable
Snack: BBQ Pulled Pork Bruschetta (recipe)

Movie & Wine Night: Casablanca

Movie: Casablanca
Tall Dark Stranger: Humphrey Bogart
Snack: Lamb Meatballs with Lemon-Cumin Yogurt (recipe)

Movie & Wine Night: Roman Holiday

Movie: Roman Holiday
Tall Dark Stranger: Gregory Peck
Snack: Italian Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms (recipe)

Movie & Wine Night: Singin' in the Rain

Movie: Singin’ in the Rain
Tall Dark Stranger: Gene Kelly
Snack: Deep Dark Chocolate Cheesecake (recipe)

Movie & Wine Night: The Lady Eve

Movie: The Lady Eve
Tall Dark Stranger: Henry Fonda
Snack: Spicy Chocolate Truffles (recipe)


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