Crafts / January 3, 2017

Middle Sister Coloring Pages

Dear Wine Sisters,

Rebel Red here. Me and my Middle Sisters have come up with a great new way to grab some me-time and chill.

Not saying we’re trendsetters or anything, but, yes, we’ve jumped on the adult coloring bandwagon. People say adult coloring books can reduce anxiety, create focus and relieve tension. We say cheers to that!

Check out our exclusive Middle Sister coloring series ready to download for your de-stressing pleasure!

**NEW** Winter 2017 Coloring Page


Click to download a pdf.

**NEW** – Drama Queen “Bride” Coloring Page

Middle Sister Drama Queen "Bride" Coloring Page
Click to download a pdf.

Summer 2016 Middle Sister Coloring Page

Middle Sister Summer 2016 Coloring Page
Click to download a PDF!


Middle Sister Coloring Pages
Click to download a PDF!

So grab a glass of wine, your favorite colored markers or pencils, sit down and relax. We know you deserve it.

And feel free to share a shot of your masterpiece on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the tag #MiddleSisterColors. There will be a special treat for our “Middle Sister Coloring Artist of the Month” (selected randomly each month from tagged entries).

It’s our little thank you for being a friend.


Rebel Red and all the Middle Sisters



  1. Diane Olsen aka sunshine67.2001

    LOVE the wine !! I LOVE THE GIRLS almost as much,

    18 . Jun . 2016
  2. Marlene Lawson

    Love your coloring pages. My girlfriends and I get together to ‘adult color’, share the Middle Sister wine (each of four of us bring their favorite and a snack) and have a great evening. Thanks for the pages. ps – I also love not camping.

    17 . Jul . 2016

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