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Gifting Flair: Cute & Crafty Holiday Gift Tags

Middle Sister Gifting Flair | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Making your list? Checking it twice? You’ve got your gift-giving covered… now, let’s add some festive flair with personalized gift tags and toppers!

When it comes to gifting, our Middle Sisters have you covered, with both gift giving and wrapping ideas. 

Middle Sister Gifting Flair | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Middle Sister Gift Tags

Take these exclusive holiday gift tags featuring Middle Sister Drama Queen and Sweet & Sassy! Right now they’re only tied to Middle Sister Wines in select stores in the US. 

Gifting bottles of Middle Sister Wines

Want to know where? Contact us here with your city, state and zip code and we’ll let you know if they’re near you.

Pair these festive tags with a bottle of Middle Sister Wines for the ideal holiday gift! Maybe keep them all for yourself and create a new decorating tradition. Or attach the Middle Sister tags to gifts celebrating the Sisters in your life!

DIY Gfit Tags

We think you can’t go wrong when it comes to gifting wine. Put a little extra thought and love into your gift with a crafty gift tag or two: 

Glitter-Dipped Gift Tags - Dress up wine gifts!

Like these sparkly glitter-dipped gift tags from The Thinking Closet.

Snoman Cork Craft - Gifting wine for the holidays!

And save a few corks to create a batch of these cute cork snowmen.  

Paint Swatch Gift Tag Idea - Wine Sisterhood Blog

Or stop by the paint department of your local hardware store for supplies to make these simple paint swatch gift tags from Lil Luna.

Feeling extra crafty? Cut the swatches into little Christmas trees or ornaments!

Find all of the wines featured in this email near you using the Middle Sister Wines locator here


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