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Holiday Open House Guide – Be Prepared!

Holiday Open House Wine Guide

Our small wine country town is remarkable for its charming main street, bucolic vineyards and innovative farm to table food. It’s also remarkable for the way we value hospitality.  That may be because many of us work in the hospitality industry, but I just like to think this part of the country has attracted people who prioritize gracious hosting. This kind of hospitality also means that you never know when the party is going to end up at your house.

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Sometimes an act as simple as returning a borrowed sweater can result in taking 30 minutes to share a glass of wine, some snacks and holiday cheer. Drop-ins are common, since we have a very walkable small town. Friends love to drop by to say hello.

Holiday Hosting Crate

So that we’re always prepared when guests drop in, we keep a crate in the pantry filled with guest-worthy snacks. We want it to always be ready, so the kids know they’re not allowed near the box. These items allow us to put a snack plate together in no timer at all.

Holiday Open House Wine Guide - Bubbly in the Fridge

The fridge is not exempt from hosting supplies. Since our community values impromptu celebrations, we always keep a bottle of sparkling wine in the fridge. It’s best to always be ready to toast someone’s good news.  In a corner of the deli drawer, you’ll find small amounts of quality cheese ready for hosting. Fresh fruit is always nice to have on hand and this season, we love all the heirloom strains of apples that are available.

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Check out the contents of our hosting crate and fridge supplies – we find that just having high quality snacks on the ready, we’re more likely to say, “Stop on over at our house first!”

Holiday Party Hosting Crate Supplies

Host Crate Ingredients

  • 3 exceptional bars of chocolate, one dark, one milk and one flavored
  • 1 container of almonds
  • 1 container of cashews
  • Dried cherries
  • Dried blueberries
  • Olives
  • Crackers – We stock both Nut Thins and Ritz crackers

The Host’s Fridge Staples

  • 1 block sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1 wedge mild soft cheese like Humboldt Fog
  • Salami
  • Bottle of sparkling wine

When company strikes, set out a platter or festive holiday themed plate, serving utensils and snacks from your crate. You can remain host-ready at all times!

Helen Jane Hearn, Wine Sisterhood Entertaining Extraordinaire


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