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Holiday Table Setting Hues

Thanksgiving Hues - Wine Sisterhood Blog

Thanksgiving table colors for the season of gratitude

Not only because of the food, the family and friends and the attitude of thanks, we at the Wine Sisterhood love Thanksgiving because of the table setting. Here we’ve pulled together five table tops with different color schemes to inspire your holiday table.

Cheery Scandinavian Red

Taking cues from the table’s cranberries, a cheery Scandinavian red pairs beautifully with rustic wooden accents. This color scheme brings to mind ski lodge chic and cozy fires.

For a cheerful surprise at the end of the meal, tie a red ribbon around your pour-over coffee carafe.

Cool Blues

Although blue may not be the first color you think of for a Thanksgiving table, it provides a welcome counterpoint to all the beiges and greys on the table. A cool blue is made modern by layering textures and shine.

Bohemian Color Riot

Sometimes, the best colors are all the colors. This fun, colorful table setting brings bright colors and a mix of patterns to the Thanksgiving table. Keep plates and serving dishes plain old white so guests aren’t overwhelmed with pattern and texture.

Add a cork candle to the top of a bottle to keep that rustic vibe going. Add several in multiple sizes for even more warmth and style.

Traditional Silver

With Thanksgiving, we crave tradition. Often, pieces like grandma’s silver and this charming turkey platter create a feeling of comfort. We always make my brother’s cranberry bread recipe, perfect for Thanksgiving dinner as well as breakfast the day after.

Organizing your Thanksgiving table by color can be a great way to organize this holiday that has many moving parts.

We’re grateful for our Sisterhood family – and hope your Thanksgiving is warm and loving. What are you grateful for this year?

Helen Jane Hearn, Wine Sisterhood Entertaining Extraordinaire 


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