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Middle Sister Holiday Hostess Gift Guide

Middle Sister Hostess Gift Guide - Holiday 2015

The holidays are wonderful, as well as demanding! The weeks of December are crammed with dinner parties, open houses, cocktail parties, and office parties. It’s a lot of work! What do you wear? How will you keep the calories under control? What should you bring the host/hostess?

Of course, wine is the hostess gift that everybody can enjoy—you can find Middle Sister at your favorite retailer or at our on-line wine shop. But here are a few other inspirations that make perfect wine companions.

Middle Sister Rebel Red Drops of Wisdom

Rebel Red

Can’t say I’m disappointed with the way I turned out, so a gift that features me and my sisters is only appropriate! For a holiday dinner I’ll be bringing Middle Sister Wine Charms as gift, but also to make sure you keep your hands off my glass of wine.

Middle Sister Gift Guide - Wine charms


Middle Sister Drama Queen Drops of Wisdom

Drama Queen

Darlings, bring something shiny and sparkly to an open house. Here are some festive wine glasses that really shimmer and stand out – just like me!

Middle Sister Gift Guide 2015 - Wine Glasses


Middle Sister Mischief Maker Cabernet Drop of Wisdom

Mischief Maker

I’m headed for an evening cocktail party and bringing a set of votives with tea lights. Like me, they’re going to light up the room!

Middle Sister Gift Guide 2015 - Votives


Middle Sister Goodie Two-Shoes Drop of Wisdom

Goodie Two-Shoes

I’m going to a cookie swap! What goes better with cookies, than tea? And I’m only bringing the best tea, Stash!

Middle Sister Gift Guide 2015 - Stash Tea


Middle Sister Sweet & Sassy Drop of Wisdom

Sweet & Sassy

For a Secret Santa gift, these cocktail napkins are kind of sweet and kinda sassy!

Middle Sister Hostess Gift Guide 2015 - Cocktail Napkins


Middle Sister Wild One Drop of Wisdom

Wild One

Since I know you’ve already heard of me, I must remember to be diplomatic when it comes to a holiday dinner with my honey’s family. An amaryllis is not just any house plant. It’s as exotic as I am.

Middle Sister Holiday Hostess Gift Guide 2015 - Amaryllis


Look for any of the wines featured in this post near you by using our Middle Sister Wine Locator. Any of the wines above are also available in our Wine Sisterhood Wine Shop


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