Entertain/Food / November 10, 2015

Thanksgiving Wine Favorites & a New Playlist

Wine Sisterhood Thanksgiving Favorite Wines

A proper feast deserves proper wines. And we’ve got the wines for you! 

Middle Sister Glamour Girl Bubbly and Appetizers

Middle Sister “Glamour Girl” Sparkling White. Start the evening with some tasty treats and bubbles. While your guests are awaiting the  main event, nothing is more festive than a glass of bubbles and a small bite or two to whet the appetite.

Wine Sisterhood Thanksgiving Favorites

Middle Sister “Goodie Two-Shoes” Pinot Noir. The perfect wine for the main event. Pinot Noir is the ideal bridge wine–a lighter red that goes equally well with white and red meats; plus all those delicious sides.

Middle Sister “Wild One” Malbec. If your tradition includes a prime rib, or a savory baked ham alongside the turkey, add a richer red such as Malbec. Your guests will be thank-full!!!

Wine Sisterhood Thanksgiving Favorites - Middle Sister Wild One Malbec

Sipster Tipster: A meal with many flavors deserves a variety of wines. Set the table with a selection of whites, reds and bubbles and let your guests choose their faves.

And now that we’ve got the wine covered, open Spotify, turn on our new “Thanksgiving Day Soundtrack” playlist, and you’ve got a recipe for a wonderful holiday with friends and family. Check out all of our playlists here

Look for any of the wines above near you by using our Middle Sister Wine Locator. Any of the wines featured above are also available in our Wine Sisterhood Wine Shop



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