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Wine & Cheese: Entertaining with Ease

Wine & Cheese: Entertaining with Ease | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Wine and cheese, cheese and wine, it’s tough to have one without thinking of the other. So very, very tough. Which is exactly why we think it’s the perfect pair to serve at just about any event.

Whether it’s a book club meeting, getting together to watch a football game or a ladies’ night in, wine and cheese makes entertaining easy. Here are our tips:

Entertaining with Wine & Cheese | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Keep it simple. Our Wine Sister entertaining expert, Helen Jane Hearn, put together this delicious cheese platter with a spicy habanero cheddar, a light sharp cheddar, sharp cheddar, havarti and brie.  

Don’t break the bank. The cheese platter featured in this photo shoot cost less than $25! Browse the cheese section of your local grocery store, chat with your store’s cheesemonger and ask about any new arrivals and learn which cheeses are on sale.

Delectable Cheese Platter | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Include fresh fruit and herbs. We’re headed into fall, prime cheese platter fruit season. Grapes and apples are a given but consider figs, berries and woody herbs.

The Perfect Cheese Bite | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Think in bites. What’s included in your perfect cheese and cracker bite? “My favorite cheese bite is sharp cheddar with salami and a Ritz cracker. No need to get too fancy when the tastes go so well together,” says Helen Jane.

Cut it up. make sure each cheese has it’s own knife. Don’t be afraid of cutting cheese too small — it’s those big pieces that are hardest to eat.

Middle Sister Wines & Cheese (please...) | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Open the wine. Consider an array of wine choices when you’re entertaining. Dry white wines are wonderful with many fresh and soft-ripened cheeses. Full-bodied reds have bigger tannins, more texture and a more intense flavor that pair beautifully with big, bold cheeses. For this occasion, we served Middle Sister Drama Queen Pinot Grigio, Middle Sister Rebel Red and Middle Sister Goodie Two-Shoes Pinot Noir

Wine & Cheese on the porch | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Bring the party outside. Porch cheese platters can stay uncomplicated with the basics.

We hope these tips help you put together a tasty cheese platter with little effort on your part. It’s your company who matters most! Have fun, Wine Sisters!

If you want to take your entertaining to the next level, consider hosting a full-fledged wine and cheese tasting party. We’ve got the how-to on our blog here.

Search for any of the Middle Sister Wines using the wine locator here. And remember, all of the wines featured in this post are available in the Middle Sister Online Wine Shop


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