Weddings / August 15, 2016

Chic Shade

It’s the season for hot, hot weather. Monogamy Wines wants to keep you super cool. Add in a big emotional event like a wedding, and you could have a recipe for definitely un-cool heat stroke and sunburns. Help keep your guests comfortable and add to your décor with these chic shades.

And don’t forget, if you have pregnant or elderly guests, it may be worth looking into an indoor/outdoor location where people have the option to escape from the heat.

Hand held shade

Photo from PopSugar

Hand held shade like parasols look absolutely adorable in baskets and buckets or hanging from the back of chairs. Plus, they double as favors – keeping guests cooler and giving them something for attending.

With parasols, you’ll want to take some things into consideration. You’ll want to make sure that the opened umbrella won’t block anyone’s view of the big event. As well, some men aren’t comfortable twirling a parasol overhead so they may be kept uncovered.

Instead of parasols, we’ve also seen buckets of sun hats available for guests to take with them. By having all kinds of hats for men and women, you create a fantastic icebreaker for guests to get to know each other.

Image from Pop Sugar
Image from Pop Sugar


Image from La Fete Weddings

When thinking shade, the first thing we think of are tents. The only drawback? The price. Some tents can require significant investment in both a deposit and the rental fee. That said, there’s nothing else that can protect your guests from the elements.  

Clear tents are another option, letting your guests see the beauty of the area, while protected from the elements, add shade through draped fabrics.

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The Natural Route

Cheap, widely available, cool, have you thought about trees? Nature’s original chic shade provider could help protect your guests and keep them comfortable throughout your event. If you’re getting married in a park or a field, consider other areas of the land to take advantage of natural shade.


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More budget-friendly shade can be DIY’ed. Provide shade with poles and light weight fabric to keep the sun off your guests. You’ll definitely want to do solid research before you get started to make sure that no poles will tumble down during the event and that the fabric is light enough for wind to not catch the fabric. Avoid parachute fabric — its whole job is not to let air through – and could pull down any structures you’ve built.

Helium balloons

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Our favorite shade is also the most impractical – but comes from Gustafson Porter at the Venice Biennale. Tethered to the ground, these helium weather balloons create creative,  innovative shade for all your guests. Bonus! When the balloons run out of helium, you know the party’s truly over.

How are you planning to keep guests cool on your special day?


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