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Summer Solstice, Wine Sister-Style

Summer Solstice, Wine Sister-Style

This Sunday, June 21, we’ll be celebrating two absolutely wonderful things: dads and the official start to summer. Here in wine country, summer brings hot days, cool nights, wine tastings on the patio, fresh food from the farmers’ market and a little time to relax before grape harvest.

People throughout history have recognized and celebrated summer solstice (aka. Midsummer) in a number of interesting ways:

  • In ancient Greece, summer solstice marked the first day of the year and a 30-day countdown to the Olympic games.
  • The ancient Chinese held ceremonies on the summer solstice to honor the earth, femininity and the force known as yin. The celebration complemented the winter solstice, which was devoted to the heavens, masculinity and yang.
  • In the days leading up to the summer solstice, ancient Romans celebrated the Vestalia festival, which paid tribute to Vesta, the goddess of the hearth.
  • Many Native American tribes took part in centuries-old midsummer rituals, some of which are still practiced today. The Sioux, for instance, performed a ceremonial sun dance around a tree while wearing symbolic colors.

(Read about more traditions from History.)

Celebrating Summer Solstice with the Wine Sisterhood

In Sweden, Midsummer’s Eve is one of the most important days of the year, with celebrations and traditions rivaling those of Christmas. A maypole is the focus of most of these celebrations, decorated with flowers and greenery. Once raised, folk dancing and games quickly follow, along with many toasts with Aquavit!

Celebrating Summer Solstice with Girl & Dragon Wines

We were inspired by the Swedish Midsummer tradition of serving salmon, potatoes with dill, and fresh vegetables. So, this weekend we’re putting together a festive platter and pairing it with a cool glass of Girl & Dragon Pinot Grigio.

Celebrating Summer Solstice with Girl & Dragon Pinot Grigio

We think Girl & Dragon’s adventurous and fanciful spirit is a natural fit for this Sunday’s festivities. Shop for all three Girl & Dragon wines in our online wine shop or let us help you find her near you, just fill out this quick form.  
Summer Solstice Flower Crown How-To

It’s also believed that gathering and weaving flowers into crowns was a way to harness nature’s magic to ensure good health throughout the year. We won’t argue with that!

Which is why we bring you some simple steps to creating your own flower crowns from our resident Wine Sister entertaining expert, Helen Jane Hearn:

1. Shape a wire crown that is roughly an inch larger than the diameter of your head.
2. Cut off excess stem for each flower to about 3 inches long.
3. Using floral tape, tape the stem to the crown — move around the circumference of the wire shape until the crown is filled in.

Cheers to the official start of summer, Wine Sister!

How will you be celebrating this weekend? Share your plans with us in a comment below!


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