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Best Burgers Ever!

Kobe Burger from Zinburger - Best Burger Ever | Wine Sisterhood Blog
Kobe Burger, Truffle Frittes and Monogamy Cabernet from Zinburger via @sirpouralot on Instagram

Happy National Burger Day! Yes, you heard that right – today is a day dedicated to hamburgers. Our Wine Sisterhood team thought we’d celebrate with some “Throwback Thursday” fun by remembering the best burger each of us has ever had.

There have been many and it was tough narrowing down the finalists, so here they are, our team’s best burgers ever: 

Mary Ann and Natalie

Au Cheval Burger - Best Burgers Ever | Wine Sisterhood Blog
Photo via Eater Chicago

The Au Cheval Cheeseburger from Au Cheval in Chicago, IL

After Bon Appetit declared it America’s Best Burger three years ago, the wait to get into this tiny diner topped three hours. Things have calmed down just a bit at Au Cheval, but they still serve 500 burgers on the weekend. Our tip: go late-night and hang with the chefs finishing their shifts.

This is a diner-style four-ounce patty of prime beef slapped on a hot grill until medium with a layer of good ole Kraft American Cheese in between each patty (Single is two patties; Double is three). The secret is a lightly toasted bun from local Z Bakery so things don’t get too soggy. The burger is finished with a Dijonnaise sauce and housemade pickles. You can add a fried egg, peppered bacon or even a slab of foie gras—but why would you mess with simple burger perfection. If you’re not in the mood for a burger, you can always order the fried bologna sandwich.


The Double Double - Best Burgers Ever | Wine Sisterhood Blog

The Double Double from All American Drive-In in Massapequa, NY

It’s a soul satisfying basic burger that you must eat on the way home from the beach! All American is a classic drive-in burger joint that is more about tradition than the cuisine. It often shows up on “Best Burgers in America” lists, featured most recently by Tripadvisor.comEater.com and Serious Eats.

 Eater says, “If you ever wondered what McDonald’s tasted like in the earliest days when it was just a simple burger stand, before Big Mac’s and the adoption of frozen beef, All American Drive-In has your answer,” says Solares of this historic Long Island burger stand. Founded in 1963 as a true drive-in, its burgers — including cheeseburgers and the McD’s-like Quarter Pounder with Cheese — seem “untouched by time.” 


Mountain Sun Date Night Burger - Best Burgers Ever | Wine Sisterhood Blog
Photo via FoodSpotting

The “Date Night” Burger at Mountain Sun Brewery, Boulder, CO

Even without the “Date Night” Burger, Mountain Sun is a must-stop when in Boulder. But if you need convincing… this burger contains all of the following delicious ingredients: grilled Colorado beef with roasted poblano peppers, hickory smoked bacon, melted goat cheese and a house made date puree. The spiciness of the peppers with the sweetness of the date puree, topped with goat cheese, is absolute heaven. The date puree knocks this one out of the park. I’ve tried to replicate the puree at home, but nothing beats the original. Order one of Mountain Sun’s award-winning craft beers fresh from the tap to wash it down. Cheers!


Buffalo Center Drive-in Burger - Best Burgers Ever | Wine Sisterhood Blog

The Burger from Buffalo Center Drive-In, in Delta Junction, AK

Big, delicious, juicy burgers as only a rural Alaska hamburger joint could rustle up. The Buffalo Center Drive-In opens at the start of Alaska summer and closes right at the tail end of summer. Traditional, nothing fancy or trendy. Burger, trimmings, condiments, done. Once I went gluten-free, I still had the burgers without the bun.


Ghetto Burger from Ann's Snack Bar - Best Burgers Ever | Wine Sisterhood Blog
Photo via Serious Eats

The Ghetto Burger from Ann’s Snack bar in Atlanta, GA

Ghetto Burger: two huge meat patties with onions, bacon, chili, and cheese.

This burger isn’t pretty, but it’s exactly what a chili cheese burger should taste like. The patties always outsize the bun, the onions crisp and sharp. A burger isn’t a burger unless it’s messy, and this is one of the messiest. The owner of Ann’s recently passed away, but it seems someone has taken over the Snack Bar. It’s an Atlanta icon, so I’m happy folks will be able to continue enjoying the occasional messy delight!


Garden Burger Lute's Casino - Best Burger Ever | Wine Sisterhood Blog
Photo via Yelp

The Veggie Burger from Lutes Casino in Yuma, AZ

I kid you not, this burger doesn’t taste like a veggie burger. While dining in a rustic old “dive bar” that was once a casino, their spunky atmosphere also adds to the appeal, it’s chock full of old school memorabilia and crazy hanging artifacts. I haven’t always been a vegetarian and have had plenty of juicy, beefy burgers in my life. But this Veggie Burger from Lutes Casino takes the cake! For the meat-eater, their other burger specialties are also to die for but the veg is my favorite.

Burger Wine Pairing Recommendations | Wine Sisterhood Blog
Photo courtesy of @girlinthevalley on Instagram

Of course, we’d never forget the wine! When you’re ordering or cooking up a juicy all-american beef burger, we recommend a few red wines to make it the perfect meal. Try these favorites: 

Let us help you find these wines near you! Fill out this quick form and our Wine Sisters behind the scenes will look for them in your area. 

What’s the best burger you’ve ever had? Did one of your favorites make our list? Let us know in a comment below!


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