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Wedding Crafts Fun for Two (seriously)


The actual work of wedding preparations can often unfairly fall to only one of the betrothed. When there’s an activity for both of you to participate in together, we want to know more. We have pulled together some wedding DIY’s perfect for the both of you. With elements that appeal to different personality types you can find DIY wedding décor for two.


From Design for Mankind, these ombre blocks make gorgeous placeholders. At once modern and organic, these tiny blocks could be customized for any wedding décor colors. For partners who are more hands on, their job is to cut and sand the blocks. For those with a more artistic bent, their job is to paint the blocks and letter the cards.


These DIY birch log candleholders are a stunning way to use up felled logs from a wooded property. With a rustic, natural feel, these could be custom cut to be the perfect height in more rustic centerpieces.


Do you both enjoy time on the couch after a long day of work? Craft these Celtic heart knots while you catch up on your shows. They can be a little finicky to get just right, so it’s fun to have a partner there to help you out during the tricky parts. These knots could be used as napkin rings, coasters, or favors all within the look of your wedding decor.


If you’re really ready to take out the power tools and make something amazing together, consider this DIY neon sign With the help of our friends at A Practical Wedding, we learned that a custom made neon sign doesn’t have to break the budget.

Did you co-create any crafts for your wedding? Share with us in the comments!


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