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Seven Fun Springtime Dates

Everyone agrees that date night is important for the strength of relationships, but it’s so hard to remember to make time for the two of you. Whether you’ve been married for a week or 50 years, date night requires a plan. It can be especially challenging to remember with competing calls from work, friends and family.

To help make date night a little more interesting, we pulled together seven springtime date night ideas to strengthen your relationship.

first asparagus
Photo from Flickr user liz west

Go strawberry or asparagus picking.

In wine country, pick your own plants in season are asparagus and strawberries. You may have a seasonal pick-your-own farm close to your home. Pick your is a great way to find a pick your own farm near you. Go pick some fruits or veggies. It’s even better if you can put them up by canning, jarring or jamming your bounty.

See the Stars – Check Out a Local Observatory

Night Sky - Milky Way - Carl Zeiss DT1680ZA
Photo from Flickr user Scott Wylie 

A shared sense of awe can help create intimacy in any stranger. Think of what it can do for your relationship. Check out Stardate for some information to get the two of you started. Looking up can help to remind you how insignificant we are in the big scheme of things. Ignite your inner sense of wonder by learning about our cosmos and the incredibly tiny chance that we could be so in love, right here.

Continuing Education – Take a Wine Class!

 Leslie Sbrocco wine education at the Broad Summit

Most community colleges offer continuing education classes in a variety of topics. Find one that interests you. Cooking classes can be hands on fun that ends up being incredibly useful! After we took a sushi-making class together, my husband and I started making “DIY sushi night” it’s own special kind of date night.

Become a Hometown Tourist


Any local historical locations that you’ve heard about but never visited? Now’s the time to check out some local history. From lighthouses to grist mills , there’s a local historical site for everyone.


Attend a Book Reading, Improv Show or Performance


Help support local talent by attending local events from performers and artists getting their start. Book readings are a great way to learn together. Bonus points if you both read the book. Improv shows are a budget-friendly way to put the both of you in a better mood and local musicians might surprise you with their talent.

Vice-d Out

Vintage French playing cards
Photo from Flickr user William Cresswell  

Decide to explore a vice together. Whether it is for sexy times, drunken times, gambling times or gluttony times, pick a vice to learn more about. A shared sense of mischief can bring the both of you closer together. (I don’t think I need to go into more detail here, ahem.)

Plan for Serendipity


Okay valley floor, that's enough from you.

Sometimes the greatest date has no plan at all. Don’t be afraid to pick a general destination and wander around until you find something. The next town over is a great opportunity to discover something together, strengthening bonds in the process.

Any dates you’ve been on that have strengthened your relationship? Tell us in the comments!


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