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Host a Girlfriends’ Game of Thrones Party

Girl & Dragon for your Game of Thrones Viewing Party | Wine Sisterhood BlogThe time has come, Wine Sisters. The time for kings and queens, knights and dragons, of fantasies and ferocity… the new season of Game of Thrones is here!

Game of Thrones is a favorite among many of our Wine Sisters here at the clubhouse and you better believe we’ll be ready, with a glass of wine in hand for the season premiere this Sunday.

Girl & Dragon Pinot Grigio for your Game of Thrones Viewing Party | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Here are our tips for putting together a fabulous Game of Thrones viewing party with your girlfriends:

Find a wine worthy of the occasion. Our recommendation: Girl & Dragon of course! “Go forth. Be fearless.” is her motto; raise a glass and toast to the “Mother of Dragons” every time she appears on screen. And now you have three lovely varietals to choose from.

Girl & Dragon Pinot Grigio | Wine Sisterhood Blog

An adventurous Pinot Grigio that is fresh and fruity, with lovely notes of citrus that is lovely with all things fresh from the garden. A fierce Malbec, with bright berry flavors that pairs beautifully with roasted and grilled meats. And a bold, powerful Cabernet Sauvignon with lush flavors of dark fruits perfect for a daring lamb vindaloo or carne asada tacos.

Looking for any of our suggested wines in your area? Fill out this form and our Wine Sisters behind the scenes will be happy to help!

Sip Like a Royal | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Drink wine like a royal.  We like the idea of serving any of the Girl & Dragon wines in gold goblets. You and your girlfriends will feel like you are at a royal banquet every time you take a sip.

Roasted Meat for a Game of Thrones Viewing Party | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Roast something. Whether it’s beef, pork, duck, chicken or lamb, roasting is one of the best ways to get the most out of a large piece of meat and serve a crowd. In honor of Game of Thrones, we’ll give you bonus points if you cook over an open flame.

More bonus points if the recipe is 1000 years old. We’ve been wanting to give this duck stew from Tasting Table a try. The stew has roots tracing back over 1,000 years to ancient Persia. How’s that for a conversation piece?

Party Appetizer Spread | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Get seasonal. That’s right, it is spring and what is a better way to showcase spring’s bounty than some beautiful, ancient and thorny artichokes. Never had an artichoke? Don’t be afraid. Try this recipe for steamed whole artichokes by local chef Tyler Florence. 

Use your hands. It’s just you and the girls, so go on, dig in… and forget the forks. Yeah, we’re taking this theme seriously. However, we do approve of napkins.

Serve dragons for dessert. Let’s keep this theme going right on through to dessert, shall we? If meat is on the dinner menu, top things off with a light dragon fruit salad for dessert.

Will you be watching the Game of Thrones premiere this weekend? How will you be celebrating? Share your plans and ideas with us in a comment below!


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