Weddings / August 15, 2016

Romantic Meals, Romantic Wines

We’ve paired the three most romantic meals we can think of with wines that are as romantic as they come. Of course, Monogamy wine tops the list of romantic wines, but if you’re looking for more specific wines for a steak dinner, a picnic lunch or moving day pizza on the floor, we have some fine recommendations.

Before you look to our list of romantic wines, however, first consider wines that are special between you and your partner. Did you ever splurge on a tasty Barolo on that trip to Vegas together? Do you have a special wine that means, ahem, “business time?” Have you tasted wine at a winery together? Start with special moments between the two of you. Coming up short? Read on for more romantic bottles.

Manly Red Wines to Support that Expensive Steak

Generally, I loathe gender stereotypes as they come to wine, but when it comes to men, I find that a high percentage are quite happy with a red wine and a juicy steak. If you’re serving steak to your partner, consider these three wines:

Mitsuko's Merlot

Clos Pegase Mitsuko’s Merlot 
I think it’s so sweet that Mitsuko’s Vineyard was romantically named after Clos Pegase founder’s Jan Shrem’s wife. If that’s not enough, this Merlot’s balanced fruit makes a wide variety of palates happy.

Cosentino's The Poet

Cosentino The Poet 
I can’t get enough Meritage, a red wine blend of three Rhone grapes. This delicious wine is blended to taste – and the name is romantic enough for the writers and musicians in your life. This wine gets even better as the night goes on – so you can come back to it later.

Surprise romantic picnic lunch
Picnic lunches are one of the life’s most romantic culinary moments. For picnic lunches, screwcaps or tetrapacks are key (there are few things worse than missing your corkscrew in that romantic field of barley).  


Adelaida Version Rose 
Rose is a picnic staple – rose’s acidity and the color gets you in the mood for blanket romance. I love We love Adelaida Version Rose – a bright, Provence-styled,  screwcap covered bottle of sunshiny deliciousness.


Miner Viognier 
Floral, round, mellow, Miner Viognier is an easy-drinking varietal perfect for all kinds of picnic food. It’s sustainably farmed and delicious with cold fried chicken.

Moving day pizza on the floor

Whether you’re moving in together for the first time, or moving to a place that’s new to both of you together, moving day pizza is one of the most romantic meals you can think of.


 Schramsberg Mirabelle 
Celebrate that all those boxes made it! Pop some bubbles! This value wine is perfect to hide in the empty refrigerator for the moment that last load gets delivered. Its light minerality is best to drink before the pizza arrives – because that celebration is worth it


Monogamy Cabernet 
We’re just going to put it there, our Cabernet Sauvigon is the perfect wine for pizza with your beloved. The fruit is a great pairing for the spices and cheese on the pie and the name says it all – you’re the one!

Enjoying wine with a loved one is one of the best things in life – do you have a romantic wine you always go to? Tell us in the comments!


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