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Best Actress Nominees & Wine Pairings

Oscar Best Actress Nominee Wine Pairings | Wine Sisterhood Blog

We’ve been loving all of the drama, thrillers, adventure and action to come out of Hollywood over the past year and are getting ready for an incredible Oscars showdown. We’ve got wine on our mind (as usual) and thought we’d put together some fun wine pairings with the Best Actress nominees.

Here are our picks to pair with Oscars’ leading ladies, and the nominees are…

Oscar Best Actress Wine Pairings - Drama Queen | Wine Sisterhood Blog
Marion Cotillard and Middle Sister Drama Queen Pinot Grigio
Movie: Two Days, One Night

It’s only fitting that we pair Best Actress nominee Marion Cotillard with a wine that shares her fabulously French roots. Daughter of stage actors, Marion got her start in one of her father’s plays and went on to study drama at the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique in Orléans, France. We think even Middle Sister Drama Queen Pinot Grigio would be impressed that Vogue once chose her “best dressed” at the Cannes Film Festival.

Oscar Best Actress Wine Pairings - Savvy Chardonnay | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Felicity Jones and Wine Sisterhood Savvy Chardonnay
Movie: The Theory of Everything

In The Theory of Everything Best Actress nominee Felicity Jones plays Stephen Hawking’s first wife, Jane Wilde, in a story about success against the odds. “It was as if I’d stepped through the looking glass, really,” Wilde said after working with Felicity and fellow Everything actors on set. Like the vibrant and crisp qualities of Wine Sisterhood Savvy Chardonnay, Felicity brings a fresh feel to this love story on the big screen.

Oscar Best Actress Wine Pairings - Wild One Malbec | Wine Sisterhood BlogReese Witherspoon and Middle Sister Wild One Malbec
Movie: Wild

Reese Witherspoon plays the role of real-life adventurer and author Cheryl Strayed, in a story chronicling her 1,100-mile solo hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. After a personal tragedy, she sets off on her journey with a pack full of supplies and sheer determination. No stranger to adventure and determination herself, Reese started her own movie production company two years ago because she believes women “deserve better” from Hollywood. We’ll toast to her with a bold glass of Middle Sister Wild One Malbec!

Oscar Best Actress Wine Pairings - Courageous Cabernet | Wine Sisterhood BlogJulianne Moore and Wine Sisterhood Courageous Cabernet
Movie: Still Alice

As Alice Howland in Still AliceJulianne Moore is faced with a devastating diagnosis that tests her family bonds and personal bravery. Julianne has been quoted as saying, “If there’s something that you haven’t done that you’ve been waiting to do, the by all means, don’t wait any longer. Do it!” We feel Wine Sisterhood Courageous Cabernet would pair beautifully with this Best Actress nominee.

Oscar Best Actress Wine Pairings - Girl & Dragon Malbec | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Rosamund Pike and Girl & Dragon
Movie: Gone Girl

Actress Rosamund Pike had an adventurous childhood, touring Europe with her classical violinist mother an opera singer father. She’s fluent in English, German and French. She’s been nominated for Best Actress for her role as Amy Dunne in the mystery/thriller Gone Girl. For her fearless performance, we think Girl & Dragon Malbec is a most-fitting pairing.

Who are you hoping will take home an Oscar this year? Tell us your favorites in a comment below!

Since we have the wine pairings out of the way, why not invite your best Wine Sisters over for an Oscars viewing party? Print out some of Middle Sister Wines’ awards party BINGO sheets, turn on the tube, gab with your gal pals and enjoy the show!

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