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New Year. New You. Simple Portion Control Tips

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So you’re exercising and choosing healthy foods, but did you know there is something that could be sabotaging your New Year. New You. plan? Portion-control!

That’s right ladies, sometimes we eat and drink way more than we should without even knowing it. With restaurants serving huge dinner plates and food coming in large packages, how’s a Wine Sister supposed to know what’s the right amount to eat without being armed with a measuring cup at all times?

We’ve got you covered today, and believe it or not, you’ve already got all the tools you need with you wherever you go. 

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Easy ways to check your portions 

That’s right, you can use your own hands to measure out your food and make sure you choose the right serving for you, even while dining out. Check out these “handy” tips to keep your plate in check at each meal: 

For protein, like fish or meat – Use the palm of your hand, not including your fingers or thumb. This could also be equal to the size of a deck of cards.

For starchy carbs, like potatoes and pasta – Make a fist with your hand. This could also equal the size of a tennis ball.

For fruit and vegetables – Cup your hand with fingers rounded up. This handful is one serving of fruit. You should double that and eat two servings of vegetables.

For chips, popcorn and pretzels – Use two cupped handfuls.

For fats like oils, mayo and butter – Use the tip of your thumb, from just above your first knuckle.

For cheese, cream cheese and salad dressing – Which we know all goes so well with nearly any delicious Wine Sisterhood wine, use your whole thumb. This could also equal to the size of six dice.

For wine – The standard serving for wine is five ounces. This one can be tricky to eyeball depending on the size of the glass, but think about the area of your hand between your thumb and forefinger when they are extended, or once again, use your fist. When pouring into a red wine glass, you should stop when the wine reaches the “bell” or the widest part of the glass.

One 750ml bottle of wine will contain about five, five-ounce pours. So, if you like to enjoy a glass a night, know that one bottle should last you five nights. 

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More tips for healthy portion control 

Keeping track of your portions is a great way to make sure you stay on the right road, but here are a few other things you can do too:

Take your time. Slow down and eat mindfully, so you know when you’re actually full. Maybe you can ask your Wine Sister to tell you a great story, and try to not finish eating until she is done with it.

Go halfsies. When dining out at a restaurant, ask your server to bring you half the portion and immediately box the second portion up for leftovers so you aren’t tempted to eat it all at once. Or better yet, split an entrée with a friend.

Think small. When eating at home, serve your meals on salad plates to keep your portions in check. It’s more visually pleasing to eat from a full plate, even if that plate is small.

Close it up. Never eat straight out of a big package in your kitchen or on-the-go. Always pull out one serving and put the package away to avoid temptation. I mean, you wouldn’t drink your favorite Wine Sisterhood wine out of the bottle, would you? (A completely hypothetical question, of course.)

Using your hands to measure and eyeball your food portions will take some getting used to, so invite over a gal pal, open a bottle of your favorite Wine Sisterhood wine and start practicing!

Be smart out there, Wine Sisters, and stay fabulous in 2015!

What are your tips for making sure you keep your portion sizes in check? Share them in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Ashley Pitt, Fitness Blogger - Wine Sisterhood New Year. New You. Ashley Pitt is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, wine lover and the writer of the healthy-living blog, A Lady Goes West, which covers her adventures in fitness, food and fun in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook or Bloglovin’.



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