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Healthy Girlfriend Date Ideas for a New Year. New You.

Healthy Girlfriend Dates - New Year. New You. | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Let’s get real, Wine Sisters, when was the last time you did something with your girlfriends that didn’t involve meeting at a restaurant and way too much chips and salsa? How about planning something a little bit different that will leave you and your gal pals feeling healthy and energized?

There are plenty of ways that you and your best Wine Sister can have a little fun together on a date, while still being healthy and sticking to your “New Year. New You.” plan. Because, hey, sisters should help each other stay fit, as well as fabulous.

Healthy Girlfriend Dates - New Year. New You. | Wine Sisterhood

Give back to your community and participate in a fun run or walk. Nearly every town hosts community 5k races on Saturday or Sunday mornings to raise money for charities, organizations, local hospitals and even school groups. Grab your girlfriend, sign up for a race, run it or walk it together, then head out to a healthy lunch. And of course, toast to your success with a glass of Middle Sister Drama Queen Pinot Grigio later in the afternoon. Go the extra mile and sport some fab Wine Sisterhood tanks!

Healthy Girlfriend Dates - New Year. New You. | Wine Sisterhood

Check out a new yoga studio together. Maybe you’ve driven by that new yoga or barre studio that just popped up downtown but aren’t quite sure what to think and may be scared to jump into something new. Make a day date with your Wine Sister, book a class together and support each other as you break a sweat! Then reward yourselves with some healthy smoothies after class. Extra points for bringing your super-cute Wine Sisterhood yoga mat.

New Year. New You. Healthy Girlfriend Date Ideas | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Rent bikes and pedal around your own backyard. Seeing the world from behind the handlebars of a bike is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise your whole body and leisurely explore any city. Ask your best Wine Sister if she’d like to rent or borrow bikes and make it a mission to ride your bikes to brunch in downtown, a store in the next town over or just to your local farmer’s market. You could even pack a picnic lunch and each enjoy a glass of Wine Sisterhood Ravishing Red Blend, along with some fresh fruit and salads. Don’t forget your hot-pink bike helmets and handle-bar streamers to put on before you head out in style.

New Year. New You. Healthy Girlfriend Date Ideas | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Walking and talk at the park. Why don’t you and your best Wine Sister take that gab-fest on the go? That’s right, invite your girlfriend to meet you at your local park and walk around while you catch up on life. You don’t need a destination. Just circle the perimeter of the park, follow the sidewalk and tell each other how fabulous you each are. You should probably bring a cute water bottle to stay hydrated and make a plan to stop at a salad bar to fuel up later.

Here’s to healthy and fabulous girlfriend dates in 2018!

What’s something active you plan to do with your Wine Sisters in your town this month? Share your favorite healthy way to spend time with your girlfriends in the comments below!

Ashley Pitt, Fitness Blogger - Wine Sisterhood New Year. New You. Ashley Pitt is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, wine lover and the writer of the healthy-living blog, A Lady Goes West, which covers her adventures in fitness, food and fun in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook or Bloglovin’.



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