Weddings / August 15, 2016

Share your good news – clever ways to announce your engagement

Whether she got down on one knee, he gave him a ring in his champagne glass or they both just sort of decided one night to get married, all couples have a moment when they decide to commit for life.

Despite all the nerves involved in an engagement, the trickiest part comes next. How do you tell your friends and family that you’ve decided to make it legal?

When James and I got engaged, it was at a happy hour with all of our friends in attendance. It was great to have everyone we loved around us. There were immediate love and hugs and attention. That said, we both admit we’d have liked to savor the moment when it was just secret news and the ability to roll it out slowly.


Family Matters
Have kids? They come first. In case your have questions or feelings that you want to be able to address, first make sure they’re first to know. Want the kids complicit in sharing the news? Let them in on the “secret” first, and let them announce it for you.

Parents usually come next – with close friends on the short list as well. This kind of news is best shared in person, but mobile phones and Skype or Google Hangouts can make it even more personal.

With Facebook such a convenient method of communication, it’s tempting to run home and “change your status” the second you know. But parents, relatives and close friends usually want to hear the news in person first – save hard feelings by waiting to do it in person as much as you can.

And now, three creative ways to let friends and family know that you’ve decided to tie the knot.

Video Announcements


For the more media-savvy among us, linking on your social media to a homemade video can send exactly the creative message you’re hoping for.  This couple sent an adorable announcement puzzle for their loved ones.

This videographer shared the story of their relationship with bonus dog cameos.

Or, just straight up talk to the camera and tell your story – let them know about your love!

Snail Mail
It’s a fact, we all love getting mail. Let your friends know with a clever card. Etsy has a wide variety of funny engagement cards. This  OMG card sums up the feelings from a surprise engagement pretty accurately.


No time to get engagement photos taken before you announce your news? Take this route found on Zazzle and use your elementary school photos to let your loved ones know.



You can quell that Facebook status change impulse by serving creative cookies like these from JP Creatibles 


Better yet, announce your engagement from inside a fortune cookie.


Seeing all of these engagement announcement ideas stirs a little sadness – I had no idea there were so many awesome methods for engagement announcements back in the day.

How did you announce your engagement? Newspaper and the phone? Or a full on flash mob?



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