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DIY Crafty & Creative Holiday Wine Gifting

Coppertops Paperie Wine Bottle Wrapping Paper | Wine Sisterhood Blog

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer and gift-giving galore! While you know we think wine makes the perfect gift, we also know that good things come in lovely packages. With that in mind, we’ve paired some of our wines with just the right DIY crafty wine gift bags to bring even more joy to the art of gift giving!

Begin with the Basics

Coppertops Paperie Wine Bottle Wrapping Paper | Wine Sisterhood Blog

To get things started, make any wine extra special by wrapping your bottles in vibrant patterned paper from Coppertops Paperie, a female-owned business that offers a full line of wine-themed paper accessories.

Interested in making your own fabric gift bags? Grab just a couple pieces of red felt, a bit of faux-fur trim, black ribbon and you can create this whimsical Santa-inspired gift bag.

We’ve also found an easy pattern that can be sewn or hot glue gunned and lets you design a gift that showcases your personal style, or that of the people you are gifting to.

Once your bags are ready, why not dress them up with crafty wine cork ornaments? Take a look at these cork snowmen and snowflakes—perfect accents for your seasonal wine bag!

Bring the Bubbles

Fur Gift Wrap by Fabric Concepts on Etsy | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Giving the gift of bubbly makes any occasion a celebration! Start with the wine bag pattern above and select a gorgeous fabric, like velvet or satin. Adorn with faux-fur, feather boa, or even rhinestones. Pair it with a chilled bottle of Middle Sister Glamour Girl Pink Bubbly and you’re good to go!

Burlap Wine Bag DIY by Sophisticated Yellow

Create a subtly-sophisticated wine wrap by dressing up basic burlap bags. Add a cork decoration in a snap—just screw mini eye hooks into the end of two corks, and string them together with twine. What better way to celebrate than with the Lady? Lady LaFemme Prosecco, that is!

Or, for an elegant and rich-looking presentation start with these inexpensive raw silk wine bags, and decorate with a sumptuous ribbon and a bit of evergreen. Either of these pairs perfectly with Lady LaFemme Prosecco.

Wrap Up the Reds

Sweater Sleeve Wine Gift Bag via

Get into the spirit of giving by upcycling your old sweaters and jeans! If you are anything like us, you hate to see your favorites get tossed when just the knees or elbows are blown-out. Put those old faves to use by making some crafty holiday gift bags! These instructions on reusing your old jeans and a sweater upcycling tutorial will get you ready to gift in no time.

Then tie it up with a length of jute or ribbon to complete the package. These clever bags are just the right fit for Purple Cowboy Trail Boss Cabernet Sauvignon or Tenacious Red Blend.

Crochet Wine Cozy Wrap via Wolf Crochet

For the crocheters out there, this lacy wine bottle bag is the perfect pairing! Incorporate holiday colors or go bold and dramatic, as shown. According to the instructions, you can complete this project in about an hour. And don’t worry. If you don’t crochet, get a similar look by gathering about a yard of tulle (chose your colors here!) and fastening with a satin ribbon. Combine with Girl & Dragon Malbec for a stunning gift.

Wrap and Roll

Wine Bottle Gift Wrap via Cotton And Flax

Maybe wrapping is more your speed? Grab a gorgeous tea towel and try one (or both!) of these two methods. Simply roll the bottle, and tie it with a ribbon or other festive fastener. Or use this tutorial in furoshiki from Cotton and Flax, the Japanese custom of wrapping gifts in fabric, that shows you how to create a relaxed yet clean look. PromisQous Red or White will both cozy up to this idea nicely, making a welcome hostess gift.

If inspiration strikes, you can even design and print your own bags or towels! Starting with canvas gift bags or plain white towels, create prints with acrylic paint and stamps cut from corks, erasers or even potatoes. Mix and match techniques to really personalize your gifts!

Have fun crafting your holiday gifts this year, and don’t forget to send us photos of your creations (post them to our Facebook Page). For more fun and festive wine-related craft ideas, visit Wine Sisterhood’s Wine Crafty board on Pinterest.

And remember, all of these wines are available in our Wine Sisterhood Wine Shop. Prefer to find them in a store near you? Fill out this form here and we’ll help you find out where to go!


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