Weddings / August 15, 2016

Make the bride in your life happy with creative holiday gifts

If you’re engaged and looking to make your holiday gift list, we’ve collected some of our most thoughtful wine-country-wedding-inspired gifts for you. Brides and grooms have unique needs during the year they’re planning their wedding. Share with Santa this holiday season.

Gift cards

Gift cards are one of the greatest inventions of the last century. Allowing us to choose our own treat makes the gift that much better. Somehow, without the big box and bow, the presentation can be lacking. For all fiancées this season, consider gift cards for specific indulgences. Make a collection of date night gift cards that include a gift card for a mani-pedi, dinner at a favorite restaurant and a movie or show. Other creative gift cards could be for the book store where you two met, for a visit to a psychic together or for lingerie.

 Sephora gift card

To maximize impact, present the gift card in a container that could be reused during the wedding weekend. This DIY felt gift card presentation is exactly the touch any bride would appreciate.

Sweet felt gift box


Personalize Me
Whether the initials are changing for the big day or not, a personalized gift gives that recipient an extra level of love.

A robe for getting ready for his or her big day will be appreciated for its useful thoughtfulness. This Turkish cotton robe from Lands End can be customized with pictures, nicknames or initials.

Lands End Robe


Are you a really good friend?  this luxurious Adler robe from Leontine Linens is exactly that kind of over the top gesture that will be remembered forever.

Fancy Monogrammed Robe


Are the intended dog lovers? This dog tote from Pottery Barn is a sweetly stylish way to celebrate their pooch.

Adorable Dog Tote


Finally for personalization, you can’t beat a custom rubber stamp. There’s just something so satisfying about stamping your own image on anything from envelope backs to favor bags.

Order a stamp pre-made for you from an artist that can create an image from a photo or a silhouette.  

Custom stamp


Wine education
Pre-wedding time is a great time to learn more about wine. (Especially if getting married in wine country. Vinography writer and wine expert Alder Yarrow has created this gorgeous book, The Essence of Wine.

Essence of Wine from Alder


Looking for something more whimsical?  “The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert” is a clever collaboration from wine expert Robert Betts and Wendy McNaughton helps you find what you like.

Scratch and sniff 


All wine enthusiasts will tell you, the best way to learn more about wine is to drink it. Consider signing up the bride for a wine club that will bring her educational bottles month after month. The Clos Pegase  wine club offers a lovely selection of bottles every month – along with wine discounts on additional orders.



Choosing holiday gifts for brides and grooms at the most exciting times in their lives is so rewarding.

What are you asking Santa for this year?




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