Weddings / August 15, 2016

Inspiring Wine Country Themed Centerpieces for Your Big Day

Table décor at wine country weddings encompasses many styles. To narrow it down, hallmarks of wine country style include rustic wood, elegant food and luxurious settings in a natural environment. We take inspiration from the outdoors with natural colors and textures. We take inspiration from wine country luxury with rich materials and sparkle.

If you’re planning a wedding in wine country or you’re inspired by wine country style, the best place to start planning a wine-country-themed table top is Pinterest. Explore their wine wedding centerpieces for a broad overview of all things wine to place on your table.

Rustic table décor usually includes colors from nature – browns, greens and purples – as well as textured elements like twine and raw wood.  Cork’s texture is prevalent in wine country rustic – and Addicted2Decorating rounds up tons of great ideas for cork crafting.

From Lil Blue Boo comes this  whimsical cork giraffe — its form will inspire conversation and depending how big you go, could bring an element of height to your table.

 Wine Cork Giraffe from Lil Boo Blue

 A rustic champagne bar? Yes please. This champagne bar from The Lane, incorporates elements of rusticity, yes, but also luxury.


Paint will always elevate wine bottles to another level. Here, Cleverly Inspired adds texture and bling.  Although this was for a Christmas display, this technique could bring some sparkle to your wine country centerpiece.


Modern and sculptural, A Practical Wedding shares these DIY geometric block centerpieces, a wonderful way to share any sentiment from LOVE to ROMANCE to FOREVER.


Gilding anything is luxurious in my book – whether it’s fruit, like this fruit centerpiece or painted wine bottles. These gold spray painted bottles from Homey Oh My bring a sparkly element to your table – and inexpensive as well!


In wine country, we take our centerpieces seriously. Rustic, refined, elegant and luxurious, all to celebrate your love. These can also inspire table décor for the holidays.  How would you decorate your wine country inspired table?




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