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Turkey Day Wine Guide for a Fabulous Thanksgiving

Wine Sisterhood Thanksgiving Day Wine Guide

If your Thanksgiving dinner is anything like ours, there’s going to be something for everyone and nobody’s going home anywhere close to hungry. With all of those fabulous flavors on the table, you’re going to want a selection of wine that satisfies every palate.

This holiday, put together your wine menu like you do your food menu – with a few traditional options and some fun, new flavors.

In this post we’ll break it down by course. However, don’t let these suggestions pin you down. Have fun and explore different wines with different flavors, use this opportunity to create your own wine tasting! Click the image below to open up a larger, printable PDF.

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Wine Sisterhood Turkey Day Wine Guide
Click image to open a larger, printable PDF.


Thanksgiving Day Wine Pairings - First Course | Wine Sisterhood Blog

First Course – The Starters

Pair salad with a vinaigrette dressing with a glass of Middle Sister Surfer Chick Sauvignon Blanc

Consider Wine Sisterhood Savvy Chardonnay with a creamy first-course soup. 

With a shellfish starter, pop a bottle of Middle Sister Glamour Girl Bubbly Pink wine and listen to your tastebuds say “thank you!”

Thanksgiving Day Wine Pairings - Second Course | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Second Course – Turkey Pairings

With an herb-roasted turkey, try Purple Cowboy Tenacious Red

Going with a spice-rubbed bird? Pour a glass of Girl & Dragon Malbec for your guests to enjoy. 

And when you’re going the deep-fried turkey route, open a bottle of Middle Sister Goodie Two-Shoes Pinot Noir.

Thanksgiving Day Wine Pairings - Third Course | Wine Sisterhood Blog

Third Course – Dessert Perfection

It isn’t Thanksgiving without a pie, right? Whether you’re having apple, pumpkin or pecan pie, we suggest Whiskey Sister Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. Find a few of our favorite whiskey cocktails on the Whiskey Sister site here

Or, top off your meal with a sweet treat and a glass of Middle Sister Sweet & Sassy Moscato!

More Thanksgiving Day Wine Pairing Tips

When all else fails, pop the bubbly. It is a celebration, after all! Sparkling wine is the ultimate beverage to serve at a meal like Thanksgiving because it has the ability to go with the wide spectrum of flavors available on the table.

No need to stock the wine all on your own – ask your guests to bring  bottle or two. We love the “Be a Boss” wine strategy from Bon Appétit – have some fun with your wine choices and leave it up to your guests! “Task one person with finding a nice sparkling wine to start, another with a main-course red, a third with a light white for salad, and a fourth with digging up something sweet to finish.” Genius!

Whichever wines you choose to serve at your table, we hope you enjoy them in the company of good friends, family and a whole lot of fun. Cheers to a fantastic holiday!

All of the wines featured in this post are available to order in our Wine Sisterhood Online Wine Shop (sorry, no Whiskey Sister). 


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