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Sunday Night Sausages and Football

Tailgating Sausage Checklist - Wine Sisterhood Blog

If you’ve been following the Wine Sisterhood this September, you’ve probably already checked in on our tips and tricks for the MOST AWESOME tailgating season EVER!  This week it’s all about Sunday Night Sausages and football

We’ve provided a party checklist (see above), and some sausage and wine pairing tips (yes, wine goes with sausages too).  What wines pair with sausages?  What wines don’t!  From crisp, slightly sweet whites to light-bodied, fruity reds – sausages and wine go together like tailgating and parking lots!!!

Haute Dog with toppings

Keep in Mind: 

  • Rich, high acid, flavorful whites pair perfectly.  Try our wines like promisQous White Blend and Wine Sisterhood Pinot Grigio.
  • If you want a Red Wine, stick to those that are light in body like Middle Sister “Goodie Two Shoes” Pinot Noir or promisQous Red Blend.
  • Remember, the sausage is only one component of the dish; always consider all ingredients when thinking of a pairing.

Getting Specific: Condiments, Condiments, Condiments!!!  As long as the wine and fixins’ work together, everything should be delicious!

Tailgating Haute Dog Pairings - Wine Sisterhood Blog

Try some of these tasty ideas below, along with the additional pairings in the chart above! 

Bratwurst with Mustard and Sauerkraut

Classic:  Alsatian Riesling – a little sweet fruit to counter the sour of the sauerkraut and the spice of the mustard.  Or try promisQous White, which has beautiful fruity and floral flavors.  Yummy!!!

Take a Chance:  Go for something with a hint of residual sugar and a little effervescense like Middle Sister “Glamour Girl” Bubbly Pink or White

Hot Dogs with Mustard & Ketchup

Classic:  Can you say drink pink?  Sun-kissed fruit to love on the sweetness of the ketchup, white pepper to play with the mustard.  Middle Sister Pink “Passionista” Moscato and “Blushing Beauty” Rose will do the trick!

Take a Chance:  A fruit-driven red wine like Deep Purple Zinfandel.  Juicy, jammy and peppery.

Spicy Italian Sausages with Sweet & Sour Peppers

Classic:  Robust flavors need a robust wine.  The spice and earth characteristics of Girl & Dragon Malbec will go nicely with the spiciness of the Italian Sausage.

Take a Chance:  Combat the Sweet & Sour of the Peppers with the a honey and citrus flavored Moscato.  We have to you can try Middle Sister “Sweet & Sassy” and Wine Sisterhood Magical Moscato.

Sunday Night Football never tasted so good, right?

XOXO-Natalie @girlinthevalley

PS – looking for our wines?  Email us here at winesisterhood@gmail.com and we can help you find whatever you are looking for!


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