Weddings / August 15, 2016

A Wine Sister Wedding Story: Q & A with Cassie Helton

Last October, our Wine Sister Cassie Helton (formerly Wurtz) held her dream wedding in Napa Valley Wine Country. We’re happy to share scenes and memories from her big day at the Beaulieu Gardens in Rutherford, CA with you.



We interviewed Cassie to get an inside peek at what goes into planning a wine country wedding.


Monogamy: What was it about wine country – and October – that made you choose them for your wedding?


Cassie: Fall is hands down, my absolute favorite time of the year and Napa is gorgeous during the harvest. It was a no brainer!



Monogamy: Were you nervous about having your wedding outdoors? What kind of “plan b” did you have just in case the weather wasn’t ideal?


Cassie: It was topic that I felt like, if we talk about it or worry about it, then it would be a factor. There were no guarantees and when we set the date, we just sort of pulled the trigger and hoped for the best! I think there was talk of tents as a worse case scenario, but the team of vendors that we had were so great, and they knew the venue so well that I knew whatever happened, it would still be fabulous. Luckily, it wasn’t an issue.



Monogamy: Looking back, is there anything you would change?


Cassie: Absolutely not. Planning the wedding and all the little details that went into it was so much fun and to see it all turn out exactly how you had hoped makes it all worth it!



Monogamy: If you could share one piece of advice with someone planning a wedding in wine country, what would it be?


Cassie: Hmm… This may not be a wine country specific answer, but I think planning a wedding in any outdoor venue, you should be flexible on your date, have at least an idea of what  the weather is like during the time of year, know that even if you’re a meteorologist you could get it wrong, and just hope for the best!


Monogamy: Could you give us a few words that come to mind about each of the following photos?



Cassie: Ok, I think this picture is adorable now. But honestly, any picture taken pre ceremony, my stomach was a wreck with nerves!!



Cassie: I love this picture because we’re both so calm and relieved that it is all done, and we can just enjoy the party. This was one of the last pictures taken of the night, and we’ve both been dancing and finally getting to relax.



Cassie: Such a lovely night. All of our best friends gathered at the head table and the food was delicious!



Cassie: Gorgeous.


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