Wine News / August 26, 2014

Recovering from Napa Quake

Wine Sisterhood Clubhouse after the Napa Quake

Dear Friends,

As all of you must know by now due to the extensive news coverage, this past Sunday, August 24, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit Napa hours before sunrise. Just wanted to share a quick update.

We spent yesterday cleaning out our Wine Sisterhood clubhouse (see photos at bottom of post). Turns out it needs more extensive repair than previously thought so we will be working from home for the time being. Many historic structures in downtown Napa were damaged, and many wineries lost barrels and bottles. Fortunately, nobody was killed or seriously injured, and for that we are counting our blessings. The quake was centralized in South Napa, so although it shook the Up Valley towns, business there for the most part is carrying on as usual.

Neighbors and community are pulling together for the more extensive town of Napa clean-up but most businesses have already reopened and schools are back in session tomorrow. One thought comes to mind in the aftermath: when a disaster strikes, we vow to be better prepared in the future. But as the memory of the event fades, so do those good intentions. We encourage you to review your family emergency plan today and make sure you have an emergency kit on-hand and accessible. We certainly plan to do that here in earthquake country! 

The Wine Sisterhood will be making a contribution to the Napa County Red Cross to help those displaced by the quake. If you’d like to support those affected in the Napa area, you can donate to the Red Cross here

Terry, Natalie and Mary Ann

Ceiling damage at Wine Sisterhood Clubhouse - Napa Quake

Damage at Wine Sisterhood Clubhouse - Napa Quake

Damage at Wine Sisterhood Clubhouse - Napa Quake

Damage at Mary Ann's House- Napa Quake

Damage at Mary Ann's House - Napa Quake


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