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Grown-Up, Crafty Easter Basket Ideas

Grown Up Easter Basket Ideas - Wine Sisterhood

It’s time to start stashing chocolates and treats away! This year, we’re thinking about more grown-up, slightly-sophisticated ideas for our family Easter baskets. Now, don’t get us wrong, pastel wicker baskets filled with store-bought chocolates and candies are well and good. We’re just feeling like kicking it up a notch! 

Check out our Grown-Up Easter Basket board, but here are our favorite ideas from Pinterest for grown up, crafty Easter baskets: 

1. Chocolate-Covered “Carrot” Strawberries

Aww… they’re little carrots! Delight your guests with these tasty and super cute little treats. 

Chocolate-Covered “Carrot” Strawberries

2. Rabbit Bottle Stopper

Now this one’s right up our alley! We’d use this little guy all year long. Just tell them it’s the rabbit from Alice In Wonderland!

Rabbit Bottle Stopper

3. Deviled Easter Eggs

We think Wine Sister Natalie would absolutely love these! They may not be the best for a basket, but serve them along side for sure!

Deviled Easter Eggs

4. Nail Polish Easter Eggs

Who doesn’t love an updated nail color! Hide those little gems in plastic Easter eggs and you’ve got a grown-up hunt going on. 

Nail Polish Easter Eggs

5. Pretty ‘Lil Peeps

Create a batch of these decorated Peeps and you may never go back to the original!

Decorated Peeps

6. Hipster Easter Eggs

“Keep Calm and Easter On.” Now THAT, we can do.

Decorated Peeps

What are your favorite ways you dress up your Easter baskets? Tell us in a comment below!


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