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Grilled Cheese, Please! Pairings and Fun All Month Long

Heaven in Vermont Grilled Cheese from Cabot Cheese - Wine Sisterhood

It’s April, and that can only mean one thing… it’s National Grilled Cheese Month! Like Christmas, this is a time of year that we look forward too with anticipation and hunger pangs. It’s when buttered bread and delicious cheeses come together on a griddle to create one of our favorite culinary treats ever, the grilled cheese sandwich. 

It’s a meal that always manages to hit the spot, whether you’re using plain sliced bread and pre-sliced cheese or you decide to get fancy with artisanal breads and hand-crafted cheeses. When it comes to our bellies and tastebuds, we love ’em all! 

Say Cheese Wine Sister!

We want you to join in on all of this grilled cheese fun by showing us your cheesilicious creations on Instagram. “Say Cheese” and post photos of your grilled cheese creations to Instagram with the #saycheese hashtag and our @winesisterhood handle in the caption.

#saycheese on Instagram

Your photo could make it on the front page of WineSisterhood.com and be featured on our Wine Sisterhood Facebook Page. Really, your grilled cheese creation could be famous! 

If you’re looking for some grilled cheese inspiration, we recommend Great Grilled Cheese by Laura Werlin. This book will help you venture beyond cheddar and explore new combinations of cheese, vegetables, fruits and more.  

Some more of our friends in the cheese biz, like Cabot Cheese, are also getting in on the fun. Pin one of their “Better with Cheddar” grilled cheese sandwiches through the contest app here and you’re entered to win one of five $75 Cabot Cheese gift boxes. Pin some cheese and you’re entered to win some cheese – it’s that simple!

Grilled Cheese Pin to Win - Cabot

And, you know us, we’d never forget the wine! We collaborated with Cabot Cheese on this Wine and Grilled Cheese Pairing guide to help you find the tastiest combinations.

We also included pairing tips throughout the guide to help you make delicious pairing decisions. For example, when in doubt, go with a full-bodied white like Chardonnay. The wine will always complement the buttery bread, no matter what is inside.

Wine and Grilled Cheese Guide from Cabot Cheese and Wine Sisterhood

Check out the guide on Cabot’s site here. Below are a couple of our favorite pairings. 

Make this Heaven in Vermont grilled cheese, a sandwich that lives up to its heavenly name, and pair it with smooth and refreshing Moscato. A wine like Middle Sister Sweet & Sassy Moscato will compliment the hint of maple-syrup sweetness you’ll find in the sandwich. 

Heaven in Vermont Grilled Cheese from Cabot Cheese

And give this Grilled Rachel a try with a full-bodied glass of Merlot. This sandwich is a feast – with turkey, Cabot Alpine Blend cheese, and sauerkraut layered in between rye bread. Pair this sandwich with a wine that matches its bold flavors, like Merlot, better yet, Purple Cowboy Night Rider Merlot

Griddled Rachel with Alpine from Cabot Cheese

Tell us – how will you be celebrating Grilled Cheese Month! Share your favorite creations in a comment and don’t forget to share your photos with us on Instagram!


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