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Supper Club: Celebrating Women’s History Month with Edna Lewis

The Taste of Country Cooking by Edna Lewis - Wine Sisterhood Supper Club

Here’s an idea – in honor of Women’s History Month invite your girlfriends over for dinner.  Make them something special, something to celebrate an AMAZING classic cookbook about the simplicity and purity of American country cooking.

Edna Lewis - Wine Sisterhood Supper Club
Photo via the Edna Lewis Foundation

Meet Edna Lewis!  The Grand Dame of Southern Cooking.

Born:  1916 in a small Virginia settlement called Freetown which was founded by her grandfather and other freed slaves.

Died:  2006

Amazing Awards: James Beard Award for Cookbook Hall of Fame, James Beard Award for Magazine Feature with Recipes

The Cookbook:  The Taste of Country Cooking, published in 1976.  A groundbreaking cookbook about how her family prepared and enjoyed food thought the four seasons.

Why do we think this cookbook is interesting?  When the book was initially published 30 years ago, the majority of Americans were eating industrialized and processed foods.  She introduced them to a time and place where people grew and prepared their food according to their cultural traditions.  Looking back at her work, it seems she could be named a pioneer in the whole farm-to-table or nose-to-tail movement.  But, to Edna it wasn’t a movement, she was just sharing her love of Southern food and tradition with others. 

The Taste of Country Cooking, Edna Lewis - Wine Sisterhood Supper Club

Edna, is an inspiration for all women!

To celebrate the women in my life, I am going to do a Ladies Lunch this Saturday with the entire menu out of The Taste of Country Cooking.  Take a look!

  • Salad of Tender Beet Tops, Lamb’s Quarters, and Purslane
  • Buttered Jerusalem Artichokes
  • Yeast Rolls
  • Caramel Pie

If you are inspired by Edna, and decide to make a recipe or meal to share with your girlfriends, family or friends, let us know.  Upload a photo to Instagram with @winesisterhood and the hashtag #WSSupperClub in your caption.  When you upload a picture, your image could be featured on winesisterhood.com.

Can’t wait to see what you get cooking up in your kitchens!!!

XOXO – Natalie, @girlinthevalley


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