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Wines Women Love to Sip for Romance

Pairing Wine and Chocolate

Feeling a little Racy or Romantic this week? Create an unforgettable experience with the perfect wine and chocolate pairing!

Wine and Chocolate Pairing Grid for Valentine's Day - Wine Sisterhood

Depending on the chocolate you love to nibble on, there’s a perfect wine pairing for each sweet little snack. 

Here are our recommendations for pairing wine with chocolate: 

Plan on celebrating with some bubbles? Find a bottle of sparkling wine with honeyed citrus, peaches and apricots with milk chocolate truffles. Deep milk chocolate with a satiny filling coats the tongue and makes a great combination with the fruit attributes of the bubbly.

How about a sweeter Moscato? A Moscato with hints of lychee, lemon zest and pears works best with white chocolate because the creamy smooth and buttery flavors of the chocolate create a balance with the fleshy fruit notes that carry through the wine.

Plan on purchasing a Pinot Noir or Malbec? Wines that have ripe juicy berry flavors and a velvety texture would pair well with dark chocolate truffles. Dark chocolate filled with ganache is the perfect complement to the velvety texture of the wine.

Does a red blend suit your fancy? Pair it with dark chocolate and caramel. The rich buttery caramel surrounded in a velvety decadent dark chocolate shell is a marriage with balanced red wine blend.

Or is a Cabernet Sauvignon on your wine list tonight? Sip it with a piece of milk chocolate and caramel. The decadent caramelized notes with a touch of butter, enrobed in a thick shell of chocolate to create a winning combination.

And don’t forget these tips when tasting wine with chocolate: 

Steps for Tasting Wine and Chocolate - Wine Sisterhood

Whatever’s on your list this Valentine’s Day, we hope it’s a wonderful one for you and yours!


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