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Crafty Halloween Ideas and Checklist


Ghouls and goblins and monsters… oh my! Halloween is just one week away! But have no fear, the Wine Sisterhood is here with ideas to deck out your place just in time for fright night.

First, reference the checklist below so you don’t forget a thing when the neighborhood trick-or-treaters make their rounds. 

Wine Sisterhood Halloween Checklist

Next, turn on this special Hallowine Halloween playlist we created to set the mood. 

Now, gather all the empty wine bottles you’ve been saving for that board full projects you’ve been pinning – it’s time to get crafty Wine Sisters!

Below are some of the most creative Halloween crafts we’ve found that incorporate wine bottles, corks and glasses. Happy crafting!

1. Mini-Monster Corks. With a pack of sharpies and some puff-paint, you can create your own lineup of scary characters. Bonus points: add two screws to either side of Frankenstein’s head! (Photo via Recycle Scene)

Mini-Monster Corks

2. Murder-mystery glasses. Create a spooky collection of wine goblets with carefully-dripped blood, uh, we mean paint. Guests will be asking “who dunnit”? (Photo via Linden & Lace)

Spooky Hallowen Wine Glasses

3. Dracula’s favorite red blend. Get a similar bloody effect when you drip bright red paint down the inside of clear wine bottles. Say it with us, “I vant to suck your bloood…” (Photo via Wannabe Green

Bloody Halloween Wine Bottles

4. Creepy label swap. A bit of Witches Brew for ya? Or maybe some Web of Spider? Hardest part to this craft is removing the label of the old bottle of wine. For that, check out this quick tutorial from Wine Folly here. (Photos via The Graphics Fairy and Eclectically Vintage)

Creepy Halloween Wine Bottle Labels

5. Candy corn centerpiece. Love this idea for a Halloween party centerpiece or mantle decor. And, all you need is spray paint! (Photo via The Swell Designer)

Halloween Wine Bottle - Candy Corn

As you steal candy from the trick-or-treater’s bowl on Halloween night, we say let the sugar rush take hold and enjoy the ride, Witches Brew pairs just fine with fun-size Butterfingers…

Trick or treat!

Catch some more creepy, creative and crave-worthy ideas Halloween ideas on our Pinterest board.

What’s your favorite Halloween crafty tip? Share it with us in a comment below.

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