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Digital Diva: Trover Travel App

Digital Diva: Trover Travel App

I love to travel. Over the years, I’ve traveled for business, but I also took a year-long solo trip across the country in an old RV (you can read about it at RVGirl.com). Back then, we didn’t have Foursquare or other mobile apps, much less smartphones, to use to document our travels or find interesting places to see.

Fast forward to today and the plethora of travel apps available to us. Some of the ones I use the most include Kayak (to find flights), Tripit (for travel itineraries), airline apps from Alaska Air to US Air, and GateGuru (to manage my trip).

One of my favorite travel discovery apps is called Trover. Trover reinvents the travel blog by being ultra-visual, mobile and collaborative. 

The Trover community is filled with travel enthusiasts and even travel photographers who generously share tips and ideas for journeys of discovery. As you travel, you can use Trover to find interesting places and things near you using the GPS in your smartphone. Digital Diva: Trover Travel App

You can also contribute to Trover to show off the places that you love or the places you’ve visited as you travel. Your images contribute to the beautiful mosaic that makes up the Trover interface. Create a list and compile discoveries or peruse lists such as Winery Trip to Napa for a more detailed resource on a particular topic or place. 

Download Trover for free for iPhone and a new Android version is in the works. And check out my Trover page


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