Entertain/Food / September 25, 2013

Tailgating Time: Monday Night Football Madness

Chili Bar Checklist - Wines Women Love for Tailgating

Ready, set, hut, hut, hut! Tailgating Time is back and this week you better have your pots fired up, because it’s time for a Chili Kick-Off!

Get ready for a showdown

So far this season, all of our professional and college teams have had a chance to show their stuff on the field. Maybe they’ve already played a long-time rival or two (we hope your team won!).

We’re channeling that spirit of competition this week and have put together a guide for setting up your very own Chili Cook Kick-Off. If you’re a chili lover (and really, who isn’t?), you’ve got a favorite recipe tucked away that has been waiting to compete for that winning #1 cook-off spot.

But before you hit your next Monday night showdown, don’t forget to download our Chili Bar Checklist so you remember to pack everything you need. Download the printable PDF.

Chili Bar Checklist - Wines Women Love for Tailgating

Put your recipe to the test

Football season is one of the best times to hold your own Chili Kick-Off. It’s a chance to taste test a line up new recipes, get together with friends and have some fun – all fueled by some healthy competition!

This Wine Sisterhood TV episode shows how we paired bocce, one of our favorite activities out here in the Napa Valley, with a chili cook off. We love the voting technique used: Each attendee receives two dry beans, those two beans represent your two votes. Attendees put a bean, or two, into a small cup next to each pot of chili. At the end of the competition all you have to do is count the beans in each cup. The cup with the most beans is the winner!

Try something new

When it comes to chili, the list of possible ingredients to use is almost endless. And depending on what part of the US you’re in, the style of chili you’re used to can be incredibly different from one place to another.

To determine your favorite, we advise trying them all! Ok, maybe just a lot of them.

In the Southwest, you’ll probably come across chili con carne (with meat) versions that don’t include beans and very little or no vegetables. In the midwest, like Cincinatti, you may discover hints of cinnamon in your chili and find it served over your hot dog or spaghetti. Some like to switch it up with white chili, made with chicken and white beans.

Texas Chili Recipe from Homesick TexanWe discovered this Texas Chili recipe by Lisa at Homesick Texan that we’re planning to cook up this weekend. It comes with a bit of a twist – the ingredients include chocolate and cinnamon. Can you hear our bellies grumbling?

Before you hit your next tailgating party, be sure to read our first two Tailgating Time posts here and here. In each of the posts, you’ll find delicious recipe ideas, wine pairings and a game or two.

Ready, set, tailgate!


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