Wine News / February 11, 2014

Living the sweet life: Pairing wine and chocolate

Pairing Wine and Chocolate

Wine and chocolate. On their own, they’re two of our favorite food groups. Together, how could life get any better? Whether you’re sharing wine and chocolate with your sweetheart or a group of like-minded, chocolate-loving Wine Sisters, both of these indulgences are sure to satisfy.

Our guide below will help you pair five Middle Sister Wines with Godiva chocolates. Time to indulge!

Middle Sister Wines and Chocolate Pairings

Dessert is the perfect ending to a perfect meal. Our guest wine blogger, Sara Lehman, recently mapped out the world of dessert wines in this blog post. From Port and Sherry to Madeira, Eiswein and more, Sara shares why you may want to consider wine for dessert next time you’re out!

We wish you the Happiest Valentine’s Day!


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