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Digital Diva: The Instagram photo sharing app and community

I love photography, and while I can’t claim to be a good photographer, having a camera with me every day in my iPhone has definitely increased the number of photos I take each day. To share my photos, I often upload them into the Instagram app.

What I like about Instagram is how it makes my photos look great with a variety of filters. What I like even more is the wonderful community of people on Instagram – the Instagrammers – who share photos from the moments of their lives with one another. Storytelling through photographs is incredibly powerful, and Instagram makes it easy.

What I also love about Instagram is how they’ve allowed so many other companies to leverage the images you upload to make things. Here’s a quick list of sites where you can turn your Instagram pics into products and gifts:

1. InstaThis – prints your Instagram photos on acrylic or wood for beautiful room decor.

2.  Prinstagram – Use this service for calendars, Memory Boxes, Squares, and Lil’ Stickers.

3. Postagram – Download the Postagram app for iOS or Android and turn Instagram pics into real (yes, paper) postcards that you can send immediately. Get a free Postagram postcard to start.

4. Calendagram – Easily put together a wall calendar via your iPhone with this iOS app. 

5. Keepsy – An Instagram photo community for printing calendars, Pocket Books, and albums. Check out Keepsy.

6. Stitchtagram – Design your own bag (tote, coin purse, clutch) or pillow with your Instagram pics, made by hand.

Instagram is available for both Android and iPhone and finally has a website where you can access people’s profiles. Here’s my Instagram page.

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