Entertain/Food / January 11, 2013

Rachael Ray Magazine Features Middle Sister Wines

Every Day with Rachael Ray Cover

Spot a familiar face in the February issue of Every Day with Rachael RayMiddle Sister Drama Queen Pinot Grigio! Flip to page 26 and check out the story titled “LOL labels” by Allyson Dickman. She writes:

“Buy wine because of a funny label, and you kind of expect to forgo flavor for a few laughs. But after tasting the kookiest of the crop, we found the bottles that don’t require the trade-off!” 

Middle Sister Drama Queen made the list! Described as: “A crisp, fruity find that got nabbed for one editor’s seafood dinner.”

While we don’t know exactly what the editor at Rachael Ray had for dinner, we found these recipes from the magazine that would definitely be tasty pairings with Drama Queen:

Chicken or Fish Piccata – Here’s Rachael’s version of an Italian classic piccata with a delicate Meyer lemon wine sauce with capers that accents pasta and veggies as well as fish or chicken cutlets.

Image by Lisbeth Axellm, via RachaelRay.com

Hot or Cold Spicy Cauliflower and Seafood Pasta – A tasty mixture of seasonings enhances penne with cauliflower and a medley of seafood.

Image by Patrick Decker, via RachaelRay.com

Thanks to the team at Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine for featuring Drama Queen in the February issue. Drama Queen, no stranger to the paparazzi, loves the attention!  



  1. Carol Lew

    I’m particularly familiar with Frenchie and his labels as I’m the artist who created them. The dog is taking the world of wine by storm. He has his own winery and other vintages of wine sporting him dressed as Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV on horseback .

    15 . Feb . 2013
    • mary ann

      Incredible work Carol! Thank you for your comment. We’re going to be showing our Wine Sisterhood Gathering guests around Raymond Vineyards this March. Stopping by the dog suite on site is always fun!

      21 . Feb . 2013

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