Videos / August 19, 2014

Digital Diva: Pinterest and Pinterest App

Pinterest has taken the world by storm, but what is it exactly? Pinterest refers to its service or social network as a “virtual pinboard” where you can “organize and share beautiful things you find on the web.” You can “pin” things to a board found on or uploaded to the web and others can follow you to see what you’ve pinned, like or comment on a pin, or “repin” a pin. 

Ideas for using Pinterest for travel, events, collaboration & more on the @winesisterhood blog: #DigitalDiva [Click to tweet]

But Pinterest is much more than just a place to see and pin pretty pictures. You can use it for planning travel and events as described in this week’s Digital Diva video.

You can use it for collaboration. Check out some of the Wine Sisterhood collaborative boards such as this one about the 2012 Wine Sisterhood Gathering where Wine Sisters pinned images related to the event.

Or this Harvest Party Ideas and Recipes board:

In addition to pinning images to Pinterest, you can also pin video like we did on our Wine Sisterhood TV board where every pin links back to a fun and informative video on our YouTube channel.

Pinterest recently added Secret Boards. We can’t show you any of ours because…well, they’re secret, of course! But I wrote a little about them on my blog.

Pinterest also announced Pinterest for Business so if you have a company, you may want to look into getting a business account. I blogged about this new service on my blog as well.

If you do have a business and are interested in learning how you can Rock Your Business with Pinterest, please check out my upcoming 4-week online course starting January 7. Find out more!

If you’re not already on it, sign up for Pinterest and download the Pinterest smartphone app for either iPhone/iPad or Android phones. The mobile aspect of Twitter makes it easy to pin things you see when you’re away from the web to organize and save them to access later.

You can follow us on Pinterest in a number of places:

Wine Sisterhood

Middle Sister Wines

Monogamy Wines

Cowgirl Sisterhood


Aliza Sherman, Your Digital Diva

Happy Pinning!


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